Recommendations - Ceiling fan+light Control (Z-Wave)

Finally, I get to actually fully replace a celling fan light after much resistance from the wife, lol. The celling fan we have in the Master bedroom has these ridiculous small tube shape lights that are difficult to find. My thought is to just get a new celling fan with more practical lights. That's the easy part. Is like to get a Zwave switch to control the fan and lights. As I searched, however, I came across ones that said it'll only control the fan and something else was required to control the lights. Not an electrician so when I buy the fan, happy to buy the correct wall mounted switch so the intake can do both at the same time. What is the recommendation from this from the community?


I'm loving my Inovelli.

The fan control is RF so just put the controller in the kanopy. Make sure the fan is compatible with an Inovelli controller.

The lights can be smart control meaning no electric wires for the lights required to the switch.

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The Inovelli one will not work if your fan has a DC motor so be aware of that when buying your fan. I have a fan I'm going to need to replace for their switch. Also some manufacturers are putting the control module inside the fan now so it's not a simple swap the existing module out for the Inovelli one. That all said the switch looks great and I can't wait to get a couple installed here.

If you find a fan you love that is DC I'd probably go for the Zooz ZEN30 but you will not be able to control the fan speed with it you would still need the fan's own remote. I have one fan like that now it's DC and fairly new. I rarely change the speed on it so the ZEN30 will probably get the job done for me on that one.

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