Recommendation on zigbee or z-wave plug with dimming for Christmas lights

Does anyone have a recommendation for a dimming plug that I can control Christmas lights indoors? I am using standard T5 LED strings - two @ 150 bulbs. Want to switch on and off and also dim as they are a little too bright. I had them plugged into an older dimming module but it wouldn't switch them off and flickered when I dimmed - not enough power for it. I have them in a peanut right now just for on and off. Thanks.

I can't help on the dimming feature, sorry.

I use an old Aeotec Z-wave light strip, I do not think is available anymore for the tree. For the exterior, I use a Zooz Zen 14 Zwave switched pigtail.

The only one I can think of is the GE/Jasco dimmer plug. I have a couple of the previous gen Zigbee ones and they are pretty solid and able to dim string lights fairly well, but can’t say for sure how well the newer ones will work with such a light load.

MP22ZD is on the compatible device list. It is the only thing that comes to mind.

Thanks all. I am going to try out the minoston dimmable plug first - $30. If no dice then will try the GE/Jasco at $55 and will report back.

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