Recommendation on Video Doorbell, Alexa + Hubitat

Best option? Can be wired or wireless, im running a Hubitat and a Alexa gen 4 smart hub. Local storage would be nice. Looking to use alexa app to view cameras but also would like to be able to trigger lights or other devices with the camera.

I picked up a Ring Wired cheap on sale with no chime (use alexa as a chime) as my first venture into home security / cameras. It integrates nice to Alexa, cloud based subscription unfortunately. Can use without the subscription but no recording that way, live only. To get the info to Hubitat I just use a virtual switch/sensor combo driver and trigger it using an Alexa routine. I have it turning on the porch light at night. It works surprisingly quick, and does not seem to miss a beat.

Have not decided yet if I want to switch over to something I can run fully local like Eufy or just bite the bullet and do the cloud subscription and go with Ring or Blink for the rest of my cams and stuff I want around the outside of the house.

I have the Eufy battery doorbell. Yes it is a non cloud based system but be aware that it is predominately a closed system. Even the drivers on here cannot drive some of the basic functions (no fault of the author). Let's say you have configured the away mode to record video and notify you when motion is detected. You can set the mode to away via the driver, your phone app will show the mode is away but the unit won't actually be in away mode so it won't record video or send you notifications.

Annoyingly you can set home and away mode via Google Home (I assume it will be the same for Alexa) so it is possible. You might also be able to do more integration with Alexa as you can actually send commands to that as opposed to GH :grimacing: