Recommendation Number of REFRESH for a particular device

HI there
I have 14 Wink relays connected to Hubitat. They are all working super well.

I just discovered an issue when I setup a rule to disconnect lights after a certain period of time using RM4.0. The issue is that from time to time the Wink relay does not refresh the status and consequently, the rule does not work properly because the system does not realize that this particular switch has been activated. Once I manually refresh, the rule works again.

I have created a rule to refresh the Wink Relay and I have 2 questions:

1.) Taking in to consideration I do not know exactly when the refresh status stop working, can I setup a rule every 10m for instance? Does it affect the performance of the hub at all?

2.) if the above is not an issue, if I setup a rule to update my 14 wink relays every this going to affect the performance of the hub at all?

Many thanks for your help.

Could you post your rule (also not sure what is meant by "disconnect" lights)? I suspect the refresh issue might be fixable in your rule.

@aaiyar I think he is referring to the way a dashboard will not update (on some devices) if the state is changed outside of that dashboard. So if the light is turned off via RM it not display as off unless you manually refresh the dashboard.

@jcastrillo Your Wink Relays run a dashboard right?

Let me know if my assessment is true, and if so we may be able to "refresh" with less work on the hub. I stress the words MAY BE.

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Thanks to all and yes @TechMedX you are absolutely right... my state is changed outside the dashboard because this is a manual trigger. I press the button and 20m later the light is off.

I can post the rule but I am not sure how to do it.... I assume you want the rule code and not the screenshot .... right?

Just a screenshot

Perfect you can modify your rule to include a refresh. See below:

Screen Shot 2020-05-27 at 4.12.59 PM

Thanks @aaiyar so the refresh happens after the 20 m rule?

No. You're right. Add a delay to the refresh as well!

@aaiyar understood and make a lot of sense. Thanks a lot

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Unfortunately I do not think that will change much on the Wink Relay. Try it out, I hope I'm wrong. If not let us know and I will continue the investigation mentioned below.

Pretty sure the problem is not with anything in HE, but the Wink Relay itself. Older devices (one of my iPads does this, and I know of few other members with the same issue) do not update automatically to pull in new "state" changes.

I am not aware of anyway to refresh a HE Dashboard via RM.

You can....

1 - Click the green arrow which will reload that page without going back to HE main Dashboard selection screen.

2 - You can create a "Refresh" button that is a url link back to that same page (just a bigger button)

What I do not know, but think would fix this issue if either were possible...

1 - Add CSS that will trigger a page refresh on the Wink Relay (doubtful)

2 - Edit the HTML Header to add a reload to the page (better chance if we can edit the header somehow)

I am still learning CSS and HTML, as it pertains to HE, so I will need to research and check with those smarter than I to see if we can make this happen. Since more and more Wink users are coming on and this is becoming a bigger issue. I think it warrants some investigation.

If anymore out there knows of a way to automate the refresh of an HE dashboard (not via Kiosk that's cheating!) please let me know.

EDIT: When your Wink Relay says the fan is off, what does the HE device page show, on or off?

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Tahnks @TechMedX .... I am going to try and if no success then I will further investigate using your good ideas

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I have a few feelers out too, we need to resolve this either way :+1:

If the above did not resolve the issue

Try this....

On dashes used for Wink Relays set the LAN refresh to 120 in options (has fixed my iPad so far)

Let me know if it works please so I can share with others having the same trouble.

Hi thanks for the info... just one question .... my problem is related to the lack of refresh when I push the button manually. I am not sure this is related to the the dashboard and the tiles ....

Thanks and sorry for the additional question

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The only way around this is to do a periodic refresh() as you initially proposed. There is a Wink Relay specific thread and I suggest you post there - other relay owners may have methods to get around this.


I agree that posting in the Wink Relay thread is a good place to get help with Wink Relay related issues. Other Wink Relay users are in that thread and might have suggestions for you (and as the original device author, I monitor that thread as well). :grin:

The refresh() command on the Wink Relay driver does a couple of things. It manually requests an update of each of the states, but it also sets up fresh event subscriptions in case things changed somewhere in the event pipeline.

Specifically, the most common thing this fixes is if your Hubitat hub's local IP address changes. You would really want to make sure your hub has a static IP address though.


Thanks to all
Done deal. I have moved the conversation to the Wink Relay thread.

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