Recommendation in wall micro/nano zigbee switch

I have a weird existing switch/outlet combo (one horizontal toggle switch and one outlet) in the kitchen. Looking for an in wall switch that will still enable turning on/off the sink lights with the existing switch , major WAF requirement, as well as HE rules.

this is what you want:

there is a switch version also, and I beleive they are on promo still

I replaced all my zwave micros with these, very happy

any that would support toggle switches?

I thought that these work only with Momentary switches.
Do these work with regular, decora type switches?

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ah yes, missed the switch type requirement...

I would have liked to find such a device in Zigbee mode.
There may be an Orvibo model that does this, but it isn't readily available.

However, there is a Zwave plus model that does work, and is available on amazon, and is being used by some people here: