Recommendation for sump pump energy monitoring

I was hoping to get some suggestions on options for energy monitoring on my basement sump pump. I already have a leak sensor set up in the sump pit, but I'd like to also monitor when it's running. I realize a smart outlet is a simple option, but I don't need to have on/off control. In fact I worry that might be a failure point. I don't want to inadvertently turn power off on my sump pump!

There are a number of current switches on the internet. The first one I found is here and here

You would connect the output contacts to an ecolink or other contact sensor with external inputs.

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One the latest firmwares for the Zooz Appliance switch (one of the few motor rated plug in modules) can disable both the physical and Zwave switches. (firmware 1.03 according to their documentation, see below) They are fairly economical, especially when they go on sale, which they regularly do (and are now). power-switch-change-log/
From this document:

Added options to disable manual control and on/off commands from the hub

second that switch.. that is why i use for both a window ac unit and my basement dehumidifier.

if you prefer amazon to smartest house

Thanks folks, I looked at the Zooz ZEN15 and think it's worth a try, especially at that price.

I just might buy one and find a use for it later!