Recommendation for power monitoring outlet

Currently (no pun intended) I use two Zooz Zen15s to monitor the washer and gas dryer.

Every 2-3 weeks one of the Zen15s goes offline which requires me to slide the appliances out and reset the Zen15s.

Any recommendations for a Z-Wave or Zigbee (preferable) outlet that has power reporting for each outlet?

The Sengled NB-7 (zigbee) has been a reliable choice for me, and are pretty darn cheap ($). I also use a couple Aeotec Smart Switch 7's (z-wave) for some power reporting - they work great, very reliable and are highly customizable, but oy, they are pricey.

But I've also had really good luck with the 2 Zen 15's I have, so I would've (otherwise) heartily recommended those too.

ETA -- INNR also makes a power-reporting plug (234 model), and it initially had bad firmware, but an available firmware update has supposedly fixed that (but I don't have any first-hand experience with those -- but I do use a lot of the 224-model INNR plugs and have been very happy with those, so I'd consider the 234 for any future needs)

These are all plug in devices. Since I am replacing the wall receptacle, I wanted to replace it with a smart receptacle that reports power from each outlet. Oh, and there are no neutrals.

Are you replacing an existing outlet?

If so, there's definitely a neutral there -- it's not possible to successfully wire a 120v outlet receptacle with no neutral.

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@TomG Are these each on their own circuit?

weird i have 4 zen 15s and 3 are in basement and one in office for ac.. none have ever dropped out.. what does your routing to them at time of failure show..

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The Zooz Zen15 requires neutral to work and so does your washer and dryer.

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I'm not aware of any in-wall smart outlet receptacle that has both outlets smart -- all I've ever seen with those is one smart outlet and one dumb outlet.

But no matter what you replace the Z15 with, make sure it can handle the power load of its respective appliance -- washers & dryers are appliances that can potentially draw more power than many smart devices are rated for, so check those numbers carefully.

zen15 is a plug in adapter.. doesnt require neutrall as it plugs in a std outlet.. i think your getting confused.. ie

just requires 120v and a ground

But a 120v outlet requires a neutral to function.

240 is a different story, but you can't plug a Z15 into any 240 receptacle.

yes your right. but i thought you meant it had to be in the box ie white wire.. but it could be one of those strange ones not in the box.

I meant there is no bundle of white wires inside or outside the box. The black is hot, the white is neutral and the bare copper is ground.

I reset both Zen15s and will get back shen they fail again.

Minor but important point is that the two wires in the wall of a 120V power plug are hot and neutral plus a ground to be in code.

[edit] Never mind I see your response got it right.


I know it misses the mark on everything on your wish list, but a wifi Kasa plug would work great. The wifi has a lot more bandwidth for power reporting and there's a built in integration. Although for some reason the plugs aren't listed on the supported devices list... not sure what's up with that.

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