Recommendation for outdoor switchable outlets?

It is time to decorate the porch so it is time to buy switchable outlets. Does anyone make a duplex outlet where both plugs are switchable? One that I can replace my existing outlet?

I have and seen lots of plugs that plug into exiting outlets, but would like to just replace what is there.


You won't find any in-wall (hardwired) outlet where both halves are switchable, at least not in the US. At least one is required to be powered if the circuit is powered so someone doesn't think the power has been cut just because neither has power (e.g., if they're about to replace the outlet), or at least I assume that's the reasoning. So, you'll find duplex outlets with only one that is remotely controllable for that reason.

There are outdoor plug-in units that have two controllable outlets, but it sounds like that's maybe not what you want. If it is, Eva Logik has one that I bought recently since it's all I could find in stock. Inovelli used to and may again (and this could be one of the sore spots they have with their OEM giving others their former product, so sorry guys, but it's all I could find!).

For something "in-wall" (or "in-box"), I'm not sure. I've seen people suggest you can use a "regular" in-wall Z-Wave outlet outside, as long as it's covered by a weather box like any outlet should be anyway. But popular ones I just looked up now explicitly state "indoor." I'm also pretty sure outdoor outlets are required to be GFCI regardless, however, which is also something you won't find built in to any Z-Wave outlet, so that criterion alone (unless it's downstream from another GFCI) would already make this a difficult request.

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All porch outlets are protected by the breaker in the panel. I did it that way to pass inspection.

I had found ones with one switchable, your guess is probably as good as any as to why.

I'll pick up one of the zw97 outlets, it should work fine and is outdoor rated. I also read there is a native driver for it.


I happen to have a set of outlets outdoor. They are all downstream from a GFCI outlet. I have a GE Outdoor plug-in, a ZWave Bulb, a GE dual Outlet and an Aeon Micro Switch. Just to repeat, all of these are outdoors. The Outdoor plug in is just dangling from a covered outlet (the GFCI one, actually,) as is the Bulb in an outdoor screw socket, so it protects the AC side, but the 'bulb' (what would be glass on an incandescent but is plastic for LEDs) is open to rain. The GE Outlet has a cover and is under some cover, so only the windiest rain (horizontal style) can get to it. :slight_smile:

ALL of the above is to mention the Aeon Micro Switch that is inside an outlet box, switching both outlets at once. In other words, I have a lot of stuff outdoors, all "safe" behind a GFCI with one that for me, is doing what you're imagining, I think.

Assuming it's GFCI protected (it should be already,) don't change the outlet, just stuff a ZWave module behind it...

Like this?

Aeotec Dual Nano Switch on / off controller with power metering, 2 switches, Z-Wave Plus, In-wall, Compatible with Alexa: Industrial & Scientific

sure. Qubino also makes one: and is a fraction smaller in certain ways due to not being fully enclosed.

I've had a good experience with the Enbrighten Zigbee in-wall outlet, although it's the same as all the others and only one of the receptacles is controllable. Installed on my deck with a weather cover, with a GFCI circuit breaker in the panel. Holiday lights on the deck are all automated, and I get a Zigbee repeater in a convenient location.

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