Recommend any a19 bulbs that energize fast and can go pretty dim?

Hoping someone can save me some trial and error. I need some fast acting bulbs (non smart) for my hallway lights. Also need them to go really dim for use as a night light. My current bulbs take a couple of seconds to energize which is not ideal. All of the bulbs in my house are years old so I cant find them and need to try something new. These would be for an Inovelli dimmer if that makes a difference.

Philips would be my initial recommendation. I don't have the model, but the bulb reads:
"1100 lumen, 12.2W, 2700K-2200K"

As it dims, it the color temperature gets warmer. They call it "warm glow" or such. We moved in over a year ago, so models may have been updated. Chances are that I bought them at Home Depot at the time.

We use this bulb in a bathroom where it also serves as a nightlight. So, I can confirm that it is fast to turn on and can be dimmed to a very low level. We have this on a manual dimmer (Lutron Skylark, maybe) that allows you to trim the low end. I don't have any Inovelli dimmers, so I can't offer any guidance regarding the two together.

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I use these 100W Linkind bulbs on Zooz dimmers. They get almost too dim at 15%. Off at 14%.
I also tried their 60W bulb but had flickering problems.
Linkind Dimmable A19 LED Light Bulbs, 100 Watt Equivalent, E26 Base, 2700K Soft White, 15.5W 1600 Lumens CRI80+ 120V, UL Listed FCC Certified, Energy Star, Pack of 6

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@waffles, I almost feel like those two requests may be contradictory. In my experience (though not totally extensive), you either get fast actuation OR great lumen variation.

I have Philips Hue white ambiance bulbs which really are exceptional when it comes to temperature and lumen modulation. They would certainly fit the bill for your nightlight use case, I actually do something similar to what you're trying to accomplish. Downside is that they can take anywhere from 0.5-2.5 seconds to fully actuate. Now, this has been my experience, so others may feel differently. I have them hooked up to the Hue Bridge, which is tied to HE, which then manages button activations of my Lutron Pico remotes (also connected to the Lutron bridge, etc.) through RM. So, maybe the lag is somewhere in all that. :slight_smile:

When it comes to fast actuation, I've been very happy with my Dimmable Soft White Sengled bulbs. As far as I'm concerned, they behave almost like hardwired bulbs. The downside, of course, is that they don't have nearly the same level of lumen control as a the Hue bulbs, not to mention no color temp options. And, even on 5% brightness in HE, they don't really get to "nightlight" level and so I relegate them to use on my patio in lamp posts and such.

Hope that helps. I'm sure a proper solution exists, but I haven't found one that solves both of your criteria, unless 0.5-2.5s actuation is OK and you're willing to pay the bulb premium + Hue Bridge, at which point go with the Hue bulbs, hands down.

I have also had good experiences with Philips A19 LED bulbs that have their “warm glow” feature.

I’m not sure they illuminate any faster or slower than most other LED bulbs I have tried. I would think the dimmer they’re wired to would have a lot to do with that anyway.

But that warm glow when used at low levels is definitely more pleasant than many other LED bulbs.

I haven’t noticed that they get that dim though. But again, that’s going to have a lot to do with the dimmer as well. Dim enough, IMHO :slightly_smiling_face:.


These have been great bulbs, and the only ones I use (indoors) that aren't "smart". They come on immediately for me using GE zigbee dimmers and GE z-wave dimmers and dim down to 1% on the dimmers. I don't have any single lights on dimmers though, only groups of 3 or more, so I can't comment on that. I'm using the "60 watt equivalent" 800 lumen bulbs btw.

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I may be wrong (I've been wrong before and will be wrong gain) not sure if the switch can be configurable, I think some of the scene cable switches delay on due to waiting to detect double taps.

That could be. I know my GE zigbee dimmers respond noticeably faster than their z-wave plus counterpart. I always attributed it to my zigbee mesh being much better than my z-wave, or just that z-wave is terrible, but all of my z-wave dimmers/switches (only 9) support double tap.

There is a delay turning the switches on, but it's minimal. Right now I have 3 Inovelli's come on when the hallway sees motion and 2 of them are very noticeably faster than the 1. The other 2 are using a different style bulb tho. So it's the bulbs. I ordered the ones @pkdaly suggested so we'll see how those work. If not I'll try some of the ones in this thread. Thanks guys!