Reciever for garage door signal?

Something occurred to me today while pulling in my driveway: I have 3 buttons in my car for garage door openers...but only one garage door.

So...trying to think of a way to make use of those buttons.

Any kind of device that can recieve a garage door opener signal, to trigger a relay?

I've programmed one of ours to open the gate of the home we have in a - get ready for it - gated community.

Like you, I have those extra buttons and they just sit there doing nothing useful. They could be turning on/off lights, running rules, or whatever.

The issue is that it is a proprietary protocol for the most part. Look up Homelink. It would need to be paired with a garage door opener. I seem to remember seeing something like a "dummy opener" type receiver when I looked a couple years ago, but it was so expensive it wasn't worth it, it was more than an opener.

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I do see these. $55 is a little much.
LiftMaster 850LM Universal Gate and Garage Door Opener Receiver - Garage Door Hardware -

A little more like it:
Solidremote 12V - 24V Secure Wireless RF Remote Control Relay Switch Universal 2-Channel 433MHz Receiver with 2 FCC ID Transmitters for Garage Door Openers, Cars, LED Lights & More (KIT-1) - -

I think I will keep my eye out for someone throwing out a garage door opener, and steal the electronic innards.

I have a Lutron Pico on their visor mount in my two cars. Much prefer using it because kids are constantly leaving garage open and when I come home and press the home link button the door closes. I programmed my button to open only plus other uses.


Ok I think i've got it.


Wow this is perhaps a much more simple and flexible solution. What's the range on the Pico remote?

Would depend on the location of your Lutron Pro hub. Mine is in the center of the house under the front staircase. I live at the end of a culdesac and can press the button in the middle of the circle and it works. Better range than the home link button because garage is in back of the house.

It’s an easy test though, take a Pico outside and walk away while watching the HE logs to see how far you get with log entry.


I use similar relay you posted, but you didn't say what 3-button remote you have in car. If it is OEM garage door opener remote, it won't work as OEM uses proprietary code.

My setup uses a Dual 433Mhz Relay connected to Zen16 to control 2 garage doors.
Driveway gate uses Ewelink Zigbee + 433Mhz relay so to be controlled by Hubitat too.

I don't use overpriced OEM remotes anymore. I have 3-buttons 433Mhz wall switch in house to control each of them and 4-buttons 433Mhz keychain remotes in car. Car with Homelink can also pair with 433Mhz relay.