Rechargeable light bulb

Hmm.. I can't decide whether i think this i really cool or really dumb..!? :joy: :thinking:

Huh.... yeah...

I mean the first and only use case that comes to mind for me is basically built in flash-lights if your power goes out. Which is actually really cool. As today I usually have to make sure I a) know where my flashlights are b) they are charged/full batteries, and they are usually in the garage or the kiddos have played with them.

Beyond that though... I can't think of a practical need that would incentivize me to unscrew a bulb for a normal day need.

Edit: Found the English link - TOSTHULT Rechargeable LED bulb - IKEA

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With you on that. Also, a really inconvenient shape for a flashlight.

Its fine for Uncle Fester impersonators :+1:


This actually makes a kind of sense, the product description says

"This rechargeable light bulb charges when it’s used in a lamp with the power turned on, and even provides light during a power failure or if you remove it.
During a power failure, you just press the light bulb’s button to turn it on."

The only thing is if it remembered it's last state it would be a great home power outage solution since it could stay on if the power goes out. It would be nice not having to turn it on if the power dies.

If I were bald, this would be my next Halloween costume. Good call. :clap:

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Not sure I want to have to be reaching into a lamp and unscrewing a light bulb in the event of a power outage.

We just have some of those flashlights that sit in a small cradle plugged into an outlet, and they automatically turn on when the power goes out So you can easily find them, and then pick them up out of the cradle and use them.

But I'm all over the Uncle Fester part.


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