Recent trouble with ML

Lately I've been seeing some strange behavior with motion lighting. Today is the most recent example where it either thinks the lights are already on or that they're off and takes no action because of it. In today's case, it thought the lights were off even though they're already on. In this case, it's a pretty simple rule and only controls a single Lutron dimmer; the device clearly shows it's on and the log for ML shows it thinks the lights are off. This works fine as long as ML is the only thing controlling the lights; in this case my wife turned them on using the switch and I would've thought ML would turn them off after motion changed to inactive but it didn't think the light had been turned on.

@bravenel, any ideas?

The rule

The device and events

The log

Please post a screenshot of the App Status page -- the Event Subscriptions and Application State.

Sure, sorry for the delay (the forum update didn't email me).... @bravenel does this help?

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