Received no response to a warranty case

I’ve submitted warranty requests twice with no response. I have a dead unit and I can’t get help. What is the best next step?

How did you submit these? Using the support portal? Or some other method?

Anyway, I'm tagging @support_team.

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Yes, through Support portal

I just did again, thank you for the help!

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It is about 9:45PM Eastern time. I wouldn’t anticipate hearing a response until tomorrow AM.


Thanks for reaching out. We have received both cases and responded promptly. You may want to check your spam folder in case our response was misplaced.

In both cases you have not provided the purchase order details, and based on the date when the hub was first prepared for shipping, it may no longer be covered by the warranty. Let me know if your hub has Hub Protect, or you could send me a private message along with the purchase order details and would be glad to further investigate.


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