Received C7 Hubitat - Need Help First Time Owner

So as the title suggests I just received my Hubitat C7 and am new to this. Below are the list of devices I have. I was wondering if you all could help guide me through the process of setting each up and make a user friendly dashboard.

List of Devices
* Ecobee Smart Thermostat w/ 3x Sensors
* 3x WiZ Smart Lights
* 2x Amazon Fire Sticks & 1 Amazon Fire TV Cube
* 3x Eero Pro’s
* 6x TP-Link Kasa Smart Plugs
* 2x Samsung Smart TV’s
* 1x Zooz Z-Wave Plus Power Switch For Washer

I also have one other person living with me and want them to have control over devices as well as receive notifications for example when the washer is done.

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Hi and welcome, have you read the hub documentation yet?

You'll probably find it more helpful to read through that, start setting up compatible devices like the Zooz switch yourself and then ask more specific questions as you get going.

For devices that require community developed code to integrate with your hub, start by searching for those devices with the magnifying glass tool in the upper right of the forum page to find the thread of the developer that created them. They often have the term "[RELEASE]" in the thread title.


Here is a 8 min video on youtube which goes over all the easy ways to do home automation on Hubitat. The guy has a lot of other videos, also Hubitat has their own videos on youtube too.

Welcome to Hubitat, hopefully you find that helpful.


In terms of the TP-Link plugs and washer notifications I would suggest looking up the kasa integration and the Better Laundry monitor or the various takes on the same idea posted in various threads.


Here is some additional links, one for Ecobee and how to add it.

Here is the join instructions for Zooz

Here should be everything you need to get your TP-Link products up and running:

I dont really use amazon gear so cant help with that. With the previous video I posted should get you started, when you get stuck feel free to post in the forums for additional help.

As Mark mentioned use the magnifying glass too, if you ever thought about doing something, its probably been discussed or implemented by others so the search is your friend.


Thanks for sharing that link, I had no idea this existed, such a great resource!

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You are welcome, thanks for answering all the questions on Slickdeal posts! Even though those losers temporarily booted your account the last time you were on there. I complained with a few others how idiotic and money grubbing those SD admins have become, so was happy to see they let you guys back in.

what has this thread got to do with Slickdeals ? Curious to know the background. ...

Long time SDer and have stopped posting there due to shady SD mods . Happy to share some unicorn price mistakes deals if anyone is interested.

:woman_facepalming: :roll_eyes: That was a whole thing lol, they probably didn't like the links but it's so much easier to link to our support pages, I do it automatically these days. Learned my lesson! :upside_down_face:


I posted a deal during 4th of July I believe it was. Agnes from zooz jumped in and was answering peoples questions on a few of the Zooz products. One person asked for very detailed information on how to do something and Agnes posted links to their products in the reply and how to do it with those instead, the SD admins saw that as self promoting spam and deleted all her comments and blocked the zooz account I believe. I really hate SD now a days, but currently no better option for a deals website that I could locate.

Alright no more derailing this thread, lol. Seems like the OP got his answers and moved on.

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