Rebuilt my home server setup and preparring

So as I have ripped all the gear out of my server room and rebuilt
I am at a cross roads with my HA setup.

I have:
All given to me -
8 Zwave wall outlets
1 Zwave Plug In Dimmer
2 Zwave outsoodr plugs

9 Insteon dimmers switchers
2 Insteon Plugin dimmers

4 Philips Hue multi-colored lights
8 Philips Hue white lights

I have an
Unraid Server running 6.6.7
32GB Ram
8 - 8 TB drives for Data
1 - 8TB drive for Parity
This runs Dockers for various items
Media Servers

I have
Ring Alarm
Hue Bridge 2
Insteon Hub (not homekit hub)
Hubitat (of course)

So as I clean things up here are my questions -

I am 3d printing holders for wall-mounting my Various Hubs and here lies question 1 -
How close should they be (any that should be not next to each other>)

2 .Best practices for things to do in any particular order?

  1. Anything else should I Know / do?
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The Insteon stuff doesn't matter the order you connect it, but the Z-Wave stuff should be joined starting from the hub and working your way out. Making sure you have adequate repeaters (mains powered devices) at points in between.

OK, I think I can address this:

Short Answer: Check/Adjust your Zigbee/Hue channels and a few inches apart should be sufficient (in my experience).

Needlessly Long Answer:

So. Looking at your hubs:
Ring -- WiFi
Hue Bridge -- Zigbee
Insteon -- 918 MHz
Hubitat -- Zwave & Zigbee

The Hue and Hubitat should be separated by a bit because the Zigbee radios in the two of them are possibly on the same channel. You may want to change the channels in the two devices to make sure they are on different channels, AND you'll probably want to deconflict them from your 2.4GHz WiFi network. If you dig around in these forums, you'll likely see some advice on the matter.

Since the Ring runs on WiFi, it shouldn't be an issue (except as part of your broader WiFi network), since you'll have already deconflicted the Zigbee!

Similarly, the Insteon likely won't conflict with anything either. Zigbee can run at 915Mhz (at 40Kbps), but most US devices run at 2.4 Ghz. And Zwave is typically on 908.4 MHz (but can operate at 916MHz) in the US.

If possible, separate the Hue Hub and the Hubitat by a reasonable amount. Mine are about 6" apart in a closet, along with my Zwave Toolbox, and I have no apparent problems.

My 2.4Ghz WiFi is operating on Channel 11 and Channel 6, and my Hue is operating on Channel 15, the Hubitat Zigbee channel is 14. My WiFi hotspots are no closer than 12 feet to any of my hubs.

Now, having said all that, I think a lot is going to depend on the density of your devices, and thus network traffic. I have relatively few <40 devices, of which Zigbee/Hue takes pride of place in quantity, with Zwave bringing up the rear, and no Insteon devices. I don't have Ring, but I do have a fair number of Nest devices (2 Thermostats, 3 Protects, and 2 or 3 temp sensors), which are WiFI like Ring.

Truth be told however, I think in most cases a few inches of separation will be sufficient, perhaps not ideal, but sufficient.

Others may have more experience or more wisdom to impart on this subject though!


Thanks for all this excellent info. I guess the next question is where can I find the zigbee channels that devices uses?

In Hubitat, it is easy. Go to your Settings page and display the Zigbee information there. I don't have the others so I can't help you there.

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Stephen already covered the Hubitat, In the Hue app, its in Settings->Hue Bridges->click the info icon.