Rebuilding the Zigbee network on C7

Hi Guys,

I have a number of Philips Hue smartplugs and I have so far had virtually all of them connected through the Hue hub to get Alexa support. I have now arrived at the conclusion that I don't use Alexa so much and would prefere to have the plugs directly conencted to Hubitat to get them to work as repeaters instead. I started out with two plugs but so far nothing seems to happen by itself in the network map.

If I want to rebuild the zigbee network on C-7, do I need to reconnect all things manually or is there an easier way to do it? If I turn of the Hubitat hub for an hour or so, will that make the devices rearrange themselves on their own accord?

Are you having trouble with your Zigbee network on your C-7? Zigbee will adjust routes by itself over time, or you can power off the hub (shut down from settings screen, pull power at wall wart) and leave it off for 20 minutes to cause a Zigbee panic. Iโ€™ve had good luck with the Hue plugs on my HE hubs. They have been reliable and seem to repeat well.

Hi @Ken_Fraleigh ,

Thanks. No, I don't have much trouble with the network if I am honest. And yes, mine have worked flawlessly too. It's more that @JB10 pointed out to me the other day that I am not using my plugs as repeaters when I have them connected through the Hue hub instead of directly tothe Hubitat hub. So I thought I'd change that and have all plugs connect to the Hubitat hub instead.

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Any devices connected to your Hue bridge are not using zigbee to connect to Hubitat. The hue bridge communicates with Hubitat over your LAN.

So you would need to remove the plugs from the Hue app, and then add them as new zigbee devices in the Hubitat UI.

Also, in case this does matter for you, you could continue controlling the plugs with Alexa after they are directly paired to Hubitat.

ETA: the hubโ€™s zigbee network will rebuild itself, so you donโ€™t have to do anything. But @Ken_Fraleighโ€™s suggestion can speed up that process.