Rebuild Rule 2.5 in 4.0

Have a rule that locks a door if it's closed for 10 minutes, between the hours of 8pm and 7am. But I'm assuming how I've got it ported won't work. The 2.5 rule will lock the door at 8:10pm if I don't touch the door after 8pm. Sadly, I wish it would lock right at 8pm, but I never could get that to work. I think what I have now will ONLY lock if I close the door after 8pm...

Here's the rule 2.5, and what I have in 4.0.


First, if you trigger is the door closing, then you don't need to have that as a condition of the rule. You know that it's true. However, you do need to leave it in because your trigger is incorrect. You trigger should be that the contact sensor "CHANGES".

So, you only want the door to lock if it is closed between 8pm and 7am? But you also want it to lock if the time is 8pm? That's easy.

Triggers: Contact Sensor Chaning OR Time is 1950 or Reliable Lock Locking

All the actions you have now are perfect but you need to modify the start time to be 1950 and you need to add an Else

Cancel delayed actions.

I have the trigger of the lock locking to catch when you manually lock the lock so it won't bother trying again. Also, the trigger of 1950 will get the lock to lock at 2000 (after the 10 minute delay).

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Two for two tonight. Thanks!

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All i ask for in return is a like. image :slight_smile:

So my front door rule I just did is simplier, so something like this. 31

the trigger event "lock is locked" doesn't seem right. I don't see a way to set it to "locking"

Here's new garage door rule. 34

just add the End-If at the end. It's not necessary in this instance but it's good practice to get in for when you do need it.

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The garage door one works. The front door one above does not...