Reboot Starlink and router

So last night my internet went down, or so I thought. Turns out is was my VPN on the router was the problem. I am trying to think of a way to automate a router reboot if my house internet goes down. I realize there is nothing I can do about that VPN causing a problem. I have some spare plugs and would need for it to do a power off/on with maybe a 5 minute delay.

Anyways is their anything inside the hub that can tell that I'm not connected. On my phones side my dashboard knew I couldn't connect but that doesn't help. I know I could do it in home assistant since it runs a speed test every hour. Anything similar or preferably more elegant in Hubitat?

Since the internet connection could still be up when the VPN is down, the easiest way would be to ping a remote aways on device. The problem with that solution is the time while you are in transit to the remote location.

Do you have a whole home VPN or just a VPN setup for your personal devices to hit the LAN? If the latter, is your VPN on its own subnet?

Either way, you can do a ping with Rule Machine. Maybe set the rule to run every 5 minutes or so. I'd use Cloudflare ( or Google ( DNS servers to test internet connectivity. I think I would require it to fail twice in a row before doing the power cycle, just so you aren't cycling if there's a fluke transient issue when the rule runs.

If your VPN is for your personal devices and is on its own subnet, you could do the same for your personal device IP to send alerts if the VPN is down.

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