Reboot and Shutdown buttons not working on MS Edge with

Just updated to and these buttons no longer work in Edge (my default browser). They are still working in Chrome though.


I have been able to initiate a reboot of both a C-4 and C-7 through MS Edge. Both hubs are running

I assume you are referring to this part of the Settings page?

When you say they are not working, do you get the confirmation pop-up? What happens when you click these links / buttons on the page?


Could there be a plugin in Edge or some other part of your browser or laptop/PC that could be affecting this? What version of Windows are you running? 10 or 11?

Looks like adblock is now blocking the popup. I havent changed anything with the extension and its been on my machine since the dawn of time.

This used to work before I upgraded recently.

PC is Win11 Home 21H2
Edge is 108.0.1462.54 (Official build) (64-bit)
Adblock extension is 5.3.3

Can you configure sites where Adblock does not block pop-ups? Could you add the HE hub to this list?

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Yes already added the IP of the HE hub to the allow list. Just added the information here for other users for future reference.

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