Really love Hubitat and Z-wave

Hi there! It's been a busy summer. The apartment complex I operate is running well and we got a Superior review from the feds that inspect us once a year for both the administration and physical condition and operations of our facility!

Hubitat has made things much easier for me. Like many GOOD things, they all take a considerable amount of work to obtain. I really appreciate all the help and wisdom shared with me on these forums. Rarely do you have such amazing resources and community involvement with a device!

For now, I have managed to get the C8 hub to run the entire building once I learned (the hard way) that establishing a good backbone of repeaters is critical! I used Enbrighten outlets in the hallways to establish this network, only installing about 5 at a time to lighten the load. About a dozen of them are in the hallways repeating signals to the pesky apartment doors that use the old S0 security. The doors had to be taken to the c8 hub to be excluded and then included as the old tech demands it be near field when connecting. Once in place, they have no problem bouncing out of the outlets that were included without security.

The biggest thing I have learned with this system is to let the network heal on it's own. Try not to push it. Give it a day or so to relax and figure out how it wants to route things.

From there, I have installed First Alert Carbon Monoxide and smoke detection in the laundry room and in the mechanical room. They work so well that I will eventually have one in all 30 rooms. It will be nice to get an alert when batteries start to go or when an alert is triggered.

A huge bonus is that I was able to get rid of the G forsaken Nest thermostats and replace them with the Honewell Pro thermostats. The readings and controls are amazing and I can remotely adjust and conserve energy with them. I will easily pay for the units in conservation.

What a great system. What an awesome group of people..

Thanks for all your help with this stuff. It's rad!

The next step is to make the application for android that simplifies all the functions.

Have a great weekend!