Really happy with Hubitat, thank you!

Just a short note that I spent an evening adding the first 40 Z-Wave devices to Hubitat and it was such as smooth ride. This is coming from X10, SmartThings, HomeAssistant, OpenHAB2, and tinkering with Z-Wave directly using the SDK.

Most devices were recognized immediately with dedicated or generic device drivers. Switches, Dimmers, Motion, Temperature, Power, Smoke/CO2, Door - they all just worked. Basic dusk/dawn lighting is working, all motion/temp sensors work great, and I just got everything bridged over to Google Home just fiddling with in bed last night. The WAF (SAF?) is huge and my wife said "You did all this in one evening? It took you weeks before!".

A few glitches/notes:

  1. Hub got stuck adding a Monoprice RGBW bulb (my workshop test device) and I had to restart the hub before I could add any other devices. It would always find the bulb in "initializing" mode otherwise.
  2. An old GE switch wont report state back and I'm pretty sure it's a first gen device that were disallowed (patent?) from calling back.
  3. An old Aeotec Appliance Switch (DSC06106) just showed up as "Device" but forcing it as "Generic Z-Wave Switch" fixed it.
  4. The log is awesome. Just the right amount of info and I love being able to turn up the detail on specific devices.
  5. I added Z-wave devices in batches of 5 with a Z-wave heal in-between. Watching the Z-wave heal in the log is great. I added main-powered switches sorted by distance from hub. After all main powered devices were added (25+) I left the network for a day. I then added battery powered devices and did a few network heals every 2-3 devices added, trying to keep them alive during the heal.
  6. WAF factor dropped for a while since our google Minis would only obey me, and ignore or error out when my wife was talking. It turned out that she had access to our house, but the Hubitat devices were added locally to my personal account. I had to move them to rooms for her to be able to control them.

In short, pretty awesome work Hubitat team. Thank you! Now on to adding locks and then porting over some ST device drivers for my cheap/old door/water sensors. Then adding some alarms and security features.



Old Z-Wave devices like your old GE switch aren't Z-Wave Plus and so they don't actively try to notify the switch that it's been turned on/off at the switch, there is a polling app builtin which can help (will take up to 10 seconds when the polling is working optimally),

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