Read value of countdown timer

What I would like is to be able to display on a dashboard the countdown of a timer such as:

Rule Machine:
Turn off Bedroom light, delay 30 sec

and show the progression of the 30 second timer. Any way to do this?

This basic rule works as a Countdown Timer:

All you need to do first is establish a Hub Variable (which I've named _Countdown) and include it with your Dashboard as a Variable-type Tile.

Then add a couple of Actions to your existing Rule, just before the Delay step:

The first line loads the Hub Var with the appropriate number of seconds, and the next line runs the (otherwise Trigger-less) "Countdown Timer" rule.

Works for my setup, and it's fun to watch the numbers count back from 30 to 0 on my Dashboard! With a little finesse this could be modified to use REPEAT WHILE instead of plain REPEAT, or to count up (to a preset maximum), but I leave that as an exercise for the reader.


Very clever. Ill give this a go.

Other fun variants to be found elsewhere on the Forum, such as:

Works like a champ - thanks again - have a great 2024