Read Only Dashboard Through Alexa

I am using Yolink sensors on door throughout my home and have integrated the status of these doors through alexa by creating a virtual switch within hubitat, reading it from alexa, and using a routine within alexa to turn the virtual switch on when the door is opened and turn it off when the door is closed. It works great through the dashboard but this is a read only switch through the dashboard. If i click on the switch on the dashboard, it will change the state of the display and it wont change back until the routine in alexa is triggered again when the door opens or closes.

How do I not allow the dashboard switch to be changed and only read the status?

One method is to choose an Attribute tile but it will not change colors nor show different icons based on state. It will just be text. The workaround I did was to edit a template for a device type that I am not using on that dashboard and make tile color and background color 100% transparent. Then create a tile with that template and move it on top of the original tile. Since the transparent tile was created second, it should sit "on top" of original tile and not allow you to click original tile.

I actually have one dashboard simply to monitor the switches, not change them, and put one BIG transparent tile over all of them so that it was read-only.

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Hi Stephen. I see what you are saying and have tried to do just that. I am not sure how to make the tile transparent though. Sorry. Real newbie here.

Never mind. When I made it transparent, I couldn’t see it on the display. After making it slightly visible, I saw it and was able to expand it over all of the widgets. Once I expanded it to where it needs to be, I made it transparent again. This works great!! Thanks for your expertise.