[RE-RELEASE] Eurotronic Spirit Z-Wave Plus TRV w/ healthStatus

I don't recommend these TRVs.

They have a lot of problems (already discussed in this and other home automation forums). Still, until I get rid of them, I have to use them to control some of my home's radiators, as the heating season has already started here ...

This is a direct link to the driver that I am using at the moment:

The original driver author (@Aelfot , Ravil Rubashkin) is no longer active in this forum, so I am publishing the improvements made for my use in a GitHUb forked repository.

Note, that this same Z-wave model has a Hubitat built-in driver, which works just fine for the basic functionality.

This custom driver gets nearly all of the device-specific configuration settings, and the most important (at least for me) - implements a Calibrate function as a workaround for the worst problem - the valve losing the calibration settings over time.


Reserved #2

Version 2.1.0 2023-11-10 has been working (more or less) stable for me in the past 2 weeks, so this will be the release for now. It can be downloaded from the first post in this thread.

P.S. One of my four Eurotronic Spirit Z-wave Plus TRV died yesterday, R.I.P.

Does anyone know whether this or another updated driver works safely for Eurotronic's shell-enclosed z-wave+ Comet 700226?

I don't have the Comet 700226 model, so I don't know whether the commands are compatible with the older model.

Wow, that is a significant issue.

This is a huge issue... :frowning:

See how the TRV needs the valve to be open less and less over time (the valve open percentage is in grey), until it stays partially open and leads to a massive overheating.. :frowning:

I have patched this in the driver by adding a 'Calibrate' command, that fully closes, then fully opens the valve, then restores the heating setPoint, thus restoring the normal operation ... for about 12 hours, until it needs a full calibration cycle again.

I am going to replace all Eurotronic TRVs in the next few weeks.

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I expect that we will be able to hear you sigh in relief all the way from here. :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

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I'm testing your helpful Spirit driver on the Comet 700226. Apparently it's necessary to set the preference for "Valve reporting on % change" to 0; otherwise the driver repeatedly tries to set Parameter 6, which the Comet does not have. Also the Comet does not offer 0x80 [decimal 128] in Paramenter 8 to allow use of external sensor for temperature regulation.

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Thank you for the feedback, Idsum !
If the modified code works OK for your model, you can share it with me (in a DM) and I will merge your code changes into the driver.

Thank you KK. Further testing shows that the Comet 700226 (mine at least) does not accept all parameter/preference values mentioned in its installation and operation manual. For example it does not accept changing battery reporting (Parameter 4) from event-controlled (value 0x00) to once a day (value 0x01). It seems that internally the Comet is a reduced version of the Spirit, although its exterior looks more modern and slightly more water resistant. These parameter deficiencies are not significant for me; but I would prefer to be able to change the setpoint temperature for set-back (energy save heat/eco/cool) mode 0x0B.
Driver “2023.11.10 Eurotronic Spirit TRV” tries to change this cool setpoint on the device page or on the Hubitat thermostat tile; but the Comet always responds with 16 degrees C. The live log appears to show that my Comet is rejecting the set cooling setpoint command. Does does this command work for your Spirits?
Kind regards, Idsum