[RE-RELEASE][BETA] Tuya Zigbee Dimmer Module (w/ healthStatus)

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Unfortunately, your device model TS1101 manufacturer _TZ3000_7ysdnebc doesn't seem to support rocker switches.. Or at least, I couldn't find anything in Github. The link that you posted is for another device (TS110E).

We could still try, but I will need some more data from you - to install a special driver, run some magic commands, post the results and then you can return back to the driver that you are using at the moment.

Hey @kkossev, the person in the post I referred to on github had the exact same behaviour for his devices that I had. Pls see the opening post of that same github thread: Is it possible to configure a Zigbee dimmer module to work with a rocker switch? · Koenkk/zigbee2mqtt · Discussion #12684 · GitHub

It would seem to be an issue that affects all of the Moes and Lonsonho dimmer models this incompatibility with rocker switches, not just my model.
That's why I'm hopeful if Zigbee2mqtt was able to find a fix for this, that it would be possible within Hubitat directly as well.

Happy to assist and trial things out if you want to have a go at this.

No, the devices are totally different. The only common is that they are all called 'dimmers', nothing else.

model TS1101 manufacturer _TZ3000_7ysdnebc is not mentioned in the GitHub link.

Moes and Lonsonho sell everything made by other small manufacturers in China, that can bring them some extra $$$.

Moes and Lonsongo are selling dozens of totally different devices under their white label.

The only way to be sure whether this device can handle rocker-type switches is to pair it to a Tuya Zigbee gateway and see if there is any option to configure the external switch in the Tuya Smart Life app.

I can recommend at the moment Zemismart M1 Zigbee gateway, which should be also future-proof with the possible incoming Matter Bridge support in HE.

Blockquote No, the devices are totally different. The only common is that they are all called 'dimmers', nothing else.
model TS1101 manufacturer _TZ3000_7ysdnebc is not mentioned in the GitHub link.

Oh OK, I had assumed that the TZ3000 being the common denominator was the model number and that they were all manufactured to the same spec by different manufacturers (7ysdnebc being the case for my manufacturer). If that assumption had been correct, it would have stood to reason that they would all behave in the same way.

I've considered getting a cheap extra hub in the past for that exact reason but ultimately decided against it as all the cheap Chinese ones require accounts and in some cases apps to be installed to set things up and the like. It's just a shame (if my understanding from long ago is correct) that Tuya decided to drift from the IEEE spec and in essence started to do its own thing which HE struggled to incorporate. If that understanding is correct it's commendable and I fully support that HE wants to maintain proper Zigbee protocols, but it's not helpful in adding these kinds of devices of course.

The Zemismart M1 unfortunately looks to be the same in that it will also require setup in ways I'm not comfortable with, so whilst I've just happily received a Zemismart Zigbee tube motor to put into one of my roller blinds, I'm not going to extend that same courtesy for the M1 :wink:
Couldn't care less about the Matter support either as I'm happy to stick with Zigbee.

The other option, rather then a cheap Tuya hub would be to go the ZigbeeM2QTT route, but I've always been reluctant to start messing around with RPi's as it's another thing I'll have to get my head around. The choice for HE originally was to have one device and an easy way to manage things. Else I would have gone with Home Assistant from day 1.
Now that it would seem that Zigbee2MQTT is becoming more and more unavoidable, I may try my hand at the RPi after all and initially just use Zigbee2MQTT. But I reckon if I do that, it won't be long before I also install HA and start tinkering with that as I certainly like the plethora of integrations there as well as the dashboards.
Add to the mix that I'm also looking into multiroom audio and I can run Snapcast on the Pi together with the HA integration which features a Snapcast client with volume control and I reckon I'm about to hit order on either the new Rpi5 or a slightly cheaper Rpi4.

If Zigbee2MQTT does have an option for a rocker switch for the 7ysdnebc, I'll happily report back so that you can decide whether you'd like to look at building in similar support for HE of course, but it'll take some time before I get to that stage I imagine.