Re-pairing Aeotec’s Tri-sensor after battery change

One of my Tri-sensors ran out of battery so I put in a new one. I was surprised to realize that it wouldn’t reconnect by itself so I tried short tapping the button, with no effect.

So I decided to exclude and rediscover the device (Z-wave).

It was discovered as a different device rendering all the apps and uses of the previous one useless.

So cleaning and updating all the uses (rules, dashboards, graphs and reports) took me more than an hour.

Did I miss something?

I hate Z-wave. With Zigbee I simply re-discover an already existing device.

Could have used the Device Replacement utility (requires HE 2.3.2.x or greater)

Could also have added it as a new device and then used the device swap function.

But I have tons of these sensors and have never had that issue...

I have ONE of the TriSensors and had to change it's battery for the first time since purchase (just 13-14 months ago) and didn't have that issue. Came right back up on the mesh.

As others have said, ZWave Replace is the feature that does the trick. But even without, then Device Swap might have been your best friend :slight_smile:

Last weekend I the final non-ZWave Plus Switch (GE) irked me for the last time and I REPLACED it with an Inovelli Red Switch I had sitting around. Because the Inovelli is S2 capable, and this switch was on a C-7, I couldn't do the Hubitat Replace. I used an external ZWave USB Stick and PC Controller to perform the Replace as no-security. This is a stand out event for me because it's the first in years where I actually replaced a no-good with a good. I must have done a hundred Replaces this year, but all of them were part of me 'just borrowing' a device from one of my production hubs to my Development hub for an hour or two. Then I'd use Replace to put the device back onto its original production hub.

Lesson learned! I guess that my substituting Z-Waves with Zigbees in the past made me underestimate HE Z-Wave’s device substitution capabilities. My price to pay, hahahah!

It was also a first time for me having the Tri-sensor not waking up linked after the battery change. (This one lasted 18 months.)

Thanks for the comments and guidance!

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