Re-Discover or Re-Pair Reset Devices

I am new to Hubitat planning a switch from 5-10 years with Indigo Domotics.
Before I make the big move I'm trying to learn as much as I can.
I currently have a C-7 and several Zigbee, Z-wave, and LAN devices on it.

I currently have half a dozen Z-wave bulbs that sometimes reset themselves if the power goes off. Twice in the last 5 or 10 years the power flickered before it went out – that looked an awful lot like the bulbs reset procedure.

Indigo has a nice way of re-pairing the Z-wave bulbs so that they are still referenced in the rules, triggers, and actions as if nothing happened.

I'm wondering how to accomplish this in Hubitat. If a Z-wave or Zigbee device resets itself or somehow loses pairing with the hub, is there a procedure to follow so that the device will retain its references in rules, triggers, and actions?


In Zwave Details (Upper Right, three dots) is a list of your Zwave devices along with a lot of useful info.

At this time, all of mine are perfect and I don't have a broken one to show BUT, there in the center with the OK and two buttons (Refresh Repair) will grow to include Replace and Remove when the device is "lost". The Replace action is what you'd use and has to be what Domotics was using.

Part of the certification is that those words must be a specific set. I guess that's to do exactly this.. allow people familiar with one product to take some of that knowledge to another :smiley:

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To answer the Zigbee portion of this (since the above handles Z-Wave), it's a bit different. Unlike Z-Wave, the hub knows the "long"/MAC address of the device, which is factory-set, and will recognize a reset/re-paired device as the same device as before upon re-pairing. So it's even less work: don't remove the existing Hubitat device, just re-pair, and it will be associated with the original device again.

One note: if these are smart bulbs or smart plugs (or anything similar) and they are members of a Zigbee group (i.e., a Groups app in Groups and Scenes where you enabled the Zigbee group broadcasting option), go into each Group app for the groups it belongs to and hit "Done." A reset of a Zigbee device will wipe out its on-board memory of group IDs, and this will re-set those.

That being said, for either Zigbee or Z-Wave, power loss alone should generally not cause the device to reset or "fall off" the network. But for smart bulbs and other things where a power flicker might inadvertently set them into reset/pairing mode (since a specific on/off sequence is often how you do that), I could see it happening. :slight_smile:


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