RE: Dimmer rules - difference between set, adjust and toggle.

In the Rules Machine, I want to turn on and set level and color of some evening lights at a certain time (some may be on already). What would be best to use - the set, adjust, or toggle dimmer command?

  • Toggle will turn it on to the last setting if it is off, or off if it is on. I would not recommend using it for your use case in Rule Machine (RM).

  • Turn on/off will do just that, keeping the last setting that were used.

  • Set level will set the dimmer level of the bulb.

  • Set Color will set the bulb’s color.

Your best bets would be either to just turn the light on if you think the last level would work or to set the color level on all the switch if you don’t mind that those that are already on and set to a different color and level change to the preset.

You also have an option of adding if conditions that can detect which are on and avoid adjusting them.

Alternatively, there are some pretty good apps available that will allow you to do some great stuff with lights, like turning them on in the evening only when motion is detected, and then dim them after a certain amount of time, etc.

Let us know if you have more questions, and welcome to the community!

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I was looking for the on/off option under dimmers and bulbs, but now I see it is under switches. It seems to work okay by using the set dimmer color and level action or fade. Thanks again.

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