Re-check bulbs after (de)activating scene

Every now and again when I turn a scene on or off, some light bulb would not react as expected. They're all in one room and it's not always the same bulb, so I doubt that it's a zigbee connection problem.

Is there a simple way to have the Hubitat check that all lamps are on or off, as configured in a scene?

What do the device details show after the changes? Do they match the device or do they match what you expected the device to be? What types of bulbs are you trying to control? Are these bulbs paired directly to Hubitat?

Are you, by chance, manipulating a bunch of directly-paired Zigbee bulbs? If so, I have bad luck if I do more than a few (intentionally being vague here because I don't think there's a magic number every time) at a time. Using groups and enabling Zigbee group broadcasting is the best way to work around this problem. Manipulating the group devices in your scenes instead of individual bulbs would be the way to do that with scenes; of course, that doesn't help you if you want each bulb in what is otherwise a group to be a different setting. See below for my suspicion on why this happens.

If you're only changing very few bulbs--say, one or two at a time--Hubitat still seems to often have probelms setting all my scene settings on directly-paired bulbs in that case. For example, it will often set level but fail to set CT. In this case, my workaround is just to activate the scene again a second time (usually works even if it's fairly quicky after the first time). This would probably work in the other case too, but might not help with the "lots of traffic" thing (my suspicion for what causes the other problems--more on this below still), so I'd be less sure.

If you have Hue (or compatible) bulbs: I have much better luck with (LAN-integrated) Hue Bridge bulbs since the Hue Bridge seems to do a much better job of this--and it supports "real" Zigbee scenes where the bulbs store their own settings for each scene instead of Hubitat's emulation where the hub sends a bunch of individual commands for each setting to each bulb/group. I'm guessing this sometimes too much traffic for the Zigbee network to handle all at once if you have a lot of devices/commands, which can lead to problems like not all bulbs receiving messages for all their desired states. (Hubitat doesn't have a native way to access Hue scenes, but I mostly activate those using other Hue devivces. It still works better, just more popcorn-y, going bulb-by-bulb with the Bridge integration compared to directly paired.)

Otherwise, with a lot of effort, you could certainly do what you ask, but I think the only way I can think of would involve something like writing a rule with a trigger of your scene button pushed (assuming that's how you do it), then having a rule with a bunch of IFs to check the state of each bulb and change it if not correct--so manual effort, not just comparing it against an existing scene. That being said, activating the scene a second time again, as I've found to help in some circumstances, might not hurt here but again might not be helpful (more likely if it's very few bulbs).

Someone should really write an app/driver that lets us use "real" Zigbee scenes, but I'm not sure what's going on with Hubitat's current emulation, either, since I often don't see the desired behavior. This is why I've moved most of my bulbs back to my Hue Bridge network--just a few remain on my dedicated "bulb hub" to test apps for things like this. :slight_smile:

I have actually done it like that, activating the scene twice. Was hoping that there was a neater way of doing this.

@Ryan780, I've tried a few scenes, just now. They all worked perfectly. I'll check the device status when it happens again.

All my lights are Hue bulbs, connected to Hubitat by Hue Bridge integration.
It would be nice to be able to send commands to the Hue Bridge from Hubitat :slight_smile:

That's what the integration does. :slight_smile: I assume there's a word missing or I'm not understanding something. If you meant scenes, I would love it if Hubitat supported this natively. The third-party Hue B Smart app/drivers do, but I'm hesitant to rely on that third-party code for all of my lights given that reliability is very important to me there (I guess I could just import the scenes and leave the rest as-is). I'm working on something for this myself--I'm really only planning on using it for button devices to emulate a Hue Dimmer on Hue, but I could expand it to create virtual "button" devices (similar to Hubitat scenes) for Hue scenes.

In the meantime, RM can't do HTTP PUT, but I think ogiewon's momentary switch driver can, so if you don't mind manually copying long Hue API URLs including your username and scene ID for each scene (which you'd have to manually find by digging through GETs with the same API), I suppose it's already possible. :slight_smile: I haven't tried that myself but now that I think about it, it's tempting...

If all of the bulbs have the same setting (or some of them at least) you could create a Hue group and then sync that group to Hubitat. Setting that group in Hubitat would mean that Hue would handle setting all of the individual bulbs to the correct settings.

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