Re-Arm Smoke, Allow Intrusion Arming

Hi All! I'm a bit confused about how to get my system armed.

I've got the following configurations:
Intrusion Away
Intrusion Home
There's nothing in Intrusion Night. (I don't change modes to night)

I have a rule that arms everything at 10:30PM. Then I have one in the morning at 04:00AM that disarms my alarms using "Disarm All".

However, when this happens, it also disarms my smoke detectors. I have to go in and manually turn them back on.

Is there something that is "only change Armed-Home to nothing?"

Edit: Is what I want is "Disarm" in my rule instead of "Disarm All" ?
Also, would it make more sense if Smoke/Environmental was clearly outlined in the selection.
For example "Disarm Intrusion" "Disarm Smoke" "Disarm All"?

Just use disarm as the action. That will only change the intrusion part.


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