Re-Adding Ikea Blinds with C8

For some reason my Ikea Blind (1 of the 2) has stopped working. I tried to re-add it, and it would say it found it, but it did not work.

So I removed the device completly, and then tried to add it, and I get the message "Found a Zigbee device, still initializing, please wait..."

It gave me the option of doing Legacy mode and the same error comes up.

I guess, how do I know its adding it via legacy mode, and 2, is there something I am missing with the new C8 that I do not know about adding these blinds?

I am still unable to reconnect my Ikea blind to my C8. I was wondering if they are not compadible anymore, I read that that the IRIS Z1 zigbee sensors don't work anymore, is this also the case for the C8 and the Ikea blinds?

Not sure you’ll ever get an “official” answer to that question. Iris gen 1 devices were on the official compatibility list. Was your ikea shade?

I didnt even know of an official list. They worked (and the 1 works) on my C8. I will dig up my old C5 and try to pair it. see if that works. if it does then I guess I will need to use both of them ..

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Well, I was able to re-pair them to my older C5 hub, so it has to be the Zigbee thing, just like the V1. so now I have the Hub in Mesh mode, just for the one device. seems kinda of wasteful ,I was hoping to give me C5 to my parents,

Any chance that we are looking for an update any time soon that will let us use some not-standard-ish Zigbee devices.

I really like these Ikea blinds, planned on getting a few more in the near future.