Rboy apps - Port to Hubitat

I know this question has come up before, but no discussion on it recently.

Rboy is willing to port all his apps and device handlers over to Hubitat but needs Habitats cooperation.

What is the roadblock in this? As a user of his stuff with ST for the past few years I think it would bring a lot of value to our platform here.

Would an email to support help feed interest?


It’s been discussed... pretty thoroughly:

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There are "commercial" developers on Hubitat who charge for their integrations, including SharpTools (@sharptools, @josh) , Actiontiles (hopefully soon @ActionTiles), and @yracine66 (advanced thermostat/environmental controls integration).

I imagine they all came to terms that were agreeable to both parties (developer & Hubitat). Presumably, Ramit can do the same .... he does have an account (or two) here.


I have a lifetime subscription with RBoy over on ST. It would be nice if he ported some stuff so I could get back to his drivers and apps. Especially because he had Blink working before the axe.
@snell Has a great version but I'm one of the few who gets re-authed regularly, maybe RBoy had a trick up his sleeve. :slight_smile:


I just skimmed the thread in the post above yours. My takeaway is Rboy won't give his work away for free, and that is against Hubitats TOS so users like us are SOL.

Which is crap. I get opensource. There are a lot of great opensource projects. But there are also a lot of closed source products that are worth paying for. In this case, I've already paid.

Here I sit with a broken driver/device handler for a couple hundred dollars worth a Schlage locks from Hubitat that they supported but just dropped from their support list. The locks work, but some automatons are broken, and not all device features are available. (tamper, alarms, device sensitivity, etc). Rboy happens to have 100% functional drivers/device handlers for those.

There's no reason these two small businesses that are all about home automation can't come to a consensus to work together and better the community.

Nope. Anyone can work out deals with hubitat to sell their work, like the companies/people mentioned above did.

That isn't theoretical, again, see above.


As @JasonJoel has indicated, that takeaway is incorrect. Seeing how quickly Hubitat reached an agreement with @yracine66 reveals how keen and amenable they are to reach such agreements.


That’s a pretty good example.

IIRC it took about a day from Yves’ initial posts encouraging users here to buy the Hubitat versions of his apps/drivers to him getting the “developer plus” badge on his forum account.

You’re right, and others have pointed out that Hubitat Inc. is clearly willing to work with developers that want to charge for their hard work. As long as the dev is also willing to work something out with them.

If someone suggests it’s Hubitat that isn’t willing to work something out, then they’re probably giving a one-sided and unfair interpretation of the true story.


I do think it would be great if RBoy apps were available on Hubitat. While I don't need them anymore, they have a large fan base and great functionality.


Agreed, I paid for one of his licenses when I was a ST user, and would at least consider using them with HE if they were available here.


Good point. I formed my probably unjust opinion based on a few others. Not fair to either party..

I just got another email from the rboy team saying to sell apps/driver's for hubitat based on tos that they need to be invited to do so.

Can anybody tag someone at Hubitat that can comment, or reach out to the rboy team?

RBoy and Hubitat have been in communication previously. Privately, which is the only way that would make sense for business negotiations.

I don’t speak for anyone but myself, but I don’t think you’re going to get Hubitat to comment publicly on this issue here.

RBoy and his team can presumably pick up where things left off whenever they choose. They’re not vampires, so they don’t have to be invited in.

Edit: They do presumably have to make an offer that Hubitat is willing to accept though.


LOL. Makes me yearn for another season of What We Do In The Shadows.


Fair enough, I'll ding them again.

It's beyond frustrating, especially when you don't know who to be frustrated with lol

I guarantee you that @RBoy knows whom to approach if they wish to do so.

I hear you. And I'll reiterate that the evidence indicates Hubitat to have successfully reached agreements with multiple commercial vendors.


I am also a licensee of RBoys apps and drivers before I jumped to Hubitat....

Hubitat will not release their source for the drivers and apps they support like Smartthings did. Why should RBoy be required to any more than they do? As it turns out, if I license the code from RBoy and modify it for Hubitat for my personal use, Hubitat has nothing to do with it. Maybe I am missing a hidden clause in Hubitats licensing, but I am permitted to create my own code and have ported drivers and apps from Smartthings as the documentation tells you how to get over the major differences. I do not know what RBoy needs from Hubitat over what is available to us now. That is between them. I would think Hubitat would like to expand market share by luring more Smartthing customers by supporting willing developers. @RBoy, I support you!

I think you’ve got the wrong end of the stick here. Hubitat isn’t requiring commercial developers like RBoy to release their code for free. Far from it.

Correct. But it used to be that the RBoy Apps license prevented you from doing that. That may still be the case - I don’t know, I haven’t looked at their license in a while.


We have in the works (no date yet) an app/driver store, where developers will be able to sell their apps and drivers, and if they want, NOT release the source code.

One of the problems that is very common is when people modify the source code of an app or driver and mess it up. It's a support nightmare for all involved, because how is one supposed to know what is modified and what is not modified -- they look the same on the surface. This is one of the reasons we have not released our driver sources.

Haha, now someone is going to say the ST released their DTH sources and didn't have this problem. Except, they didn't have to deal with support costs, or positive cash flow, or the sort of real world problems that happen to small companies without Samsung's balance sheet. Plus, I'm pretty sure ST support would not touch a modified driver with a ten foot pole.


Ha - even with that balance sheet, they’re clearly moving away from that model; just a matter of time before the IDE disappears.


I admit, I do not have all the details that is preventing RBoy from supporting Hubitat.

I wish they both would cooperate and resolve any conflicts so the platform can be enhanced even further.

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