Raspberry pi rack mount

Just discover these and given that I believe many of us HE enthusiast probably already have several pi's running I thought I would share

poe hats are 20 bucks and you would need a POE Ethernet switch as well

6 in 1U
Raspberry Pi 4 1U rack-mount bracket by russross - Thingiverse
12 in 2U
Raspberry Pi 4 1U rack-mount bracket by russross - Thingiverse


I happen to watch his YouTube video about them the other day.

He did a great job for the 12 Pi rack....

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Now I just need to find a rack with high WAF scores :slight_smile:


I've got a 3D printer ordered and en route... just added that to my list of things to print out... nice

what did you get? I have a heavily modded ender 5 myself

I picked up an Ender 3 Pro for $239 shipped. I thought that was a great deal for a beginner setup. I think I've watched like what-feels-like 38,5 hours of videos on how to improve Ender printers

good choice and yes 3d printer modding can be a never ending journey buut hey that is part of the fun for me
my set up


This may fit the bill: Monoprice 9U 900mm Open Frame Rack - Monoprice.com

9U rack that rolls on wheels and fits under my desk. Currently holds: 4U main computer, 2U file server, 1U ethernet switch. Plenty of space for home use.

But how many pis do you need? I've got one running a whole bunch of stuff without any problems.

Depends on what you are using them for...

Non-HA docker swarm, minimum of 2 but more likely 3 or 4.

HA docker swarm, minimum of 4 but more likely 7 or 8.

Code compiling server farm - as many as you can afford/stomach.

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I'm getting pi envy.

@rsjaffe - get this, @JasonJoel doesn't have one yet.


True. :slight_smile:

That is a cool setup though. If I didn't have so many containers that were x86 only... For now I have to stick with my Atomic Pi's.

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Those are very nice.

They work... They are rather large though, and a bit of a pain to install the OS on the embedded emmc. But they are only $38/ea with the baby-breakout board, so I guess I shouldn't complain.

If anyone was able to print one of these for me (a 12 unit) I'd be very interested - ideally in the UK. I'd expect to pay an appropriate price of course


@rsjaffe Looking at this rack....

Just be careful with the height. I made sure mine rolled under my desk easily. That way, I have a rack, but there's not rack sitting out in the room, which was a major point for spousal approval factor.

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