Raspberry Pi 4 complete kit for sale

Before my initial jump into home automation, I bought this and a hubitat. I thought maybe one day I would use it but I think I've come to realization that I'm not going to. Until today it was never opened. Opened today just to take pictures. New never powered on. Comes with a case, power supply, fan, pi, cable, heatsinks and SD card.

4gb Ram 32gb storage

Canakit # pi4-4gb-str32f-c4-blk-1

$210 shipped to the lower 48. PayPal G+S only

Hope this doesn’t come across as rude, but would you mind sharing what you paid for it?

$210 is a crazy markup from MSRP of that kit, although given the long-time global shortage of RPi’s it could certainly be what you paid.

Or perhaps you’re even selling at a loss, since it looks like you got it earlier this year based on the shipping label in your second photo.


FWIW, that’s a reasonable price for that kit right now. Although at those prices, I’d much rather get an Odroid N2+. Or spend a little more and get a Qotom i5.


Interesting. I just bought their Extreme Raspberry Pi 4 Starter kit with aluminum heatsink case from them last week (1 GB, 128 GB SSD) to do Echo Speaks and a VPN. Price was $144.95 plus shipping, total $166.90.

The 4GB ones are substantially pricier on Amazon….

If you go to CanaKit's website right now the price is 149.95 for the 4GB extream kit. Yes they are out of stock, but that is the fair price for them. Scalpers are really taking advantage of folks over these.

Yea just because that is the price on amazon really doesn't make it fair or reasonable though. I just did a quick search on amazon and they are asking $160. That is nuts considering the processor.

IMHO it all depends on what the OP paid for it.

Trying to unload it at cost or even a loss? Can’t fault him for that.

It’s up to a potential buyer to decide whether it’s worth the current price point. That’s just how supply and demand works.

If one wanted to sell a hard-to-find tech item at an extreme markup, there are probably better places to do that than here.


+1 for capitalism.

I bought a Wink Hub 2 for $99 in 2016. Sold it on eBay for $125 in 2018, with a listing buy-it-now price of $70.

That price was determined by the market based on demand and an apparent lack of supply.


I honestly can't remember what I paid for it. It was at least a year ago. I just based the prices off what I saw on Amazon and eBay.

I'm open offers.

I bought a used BMW about 3 years ago for around 11,000. I drove this car around for 3 years and I think I did brakes and maybe a new set of tires. I sold it this year for 15,500. If somebody buys a house for 200k then after a few years decide to sell that same house is demanding 600k. He should be selling that house for a potential $400,000 loss? What are we doing here?

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So you can buy the kit or you cant?


Maybe but maybe not. That's kinda how it works. Something's only worth what people are willing to pay for it.

I honestly thought I was putting out a fair price when I saw the comparable kits were $240. Shipping and PayPal is going to eat $20 off the top leaving me with a best case scenario of $190. Not gonna retire on that.

I'm going to try to close this thread and put the Pi back on the spare parts shelf. I'm egregiously taking advantage of what seems to be a shortage of chips. Who am I to think I should make my money back. I should be selling this at the lowest possible price someone can find online plus a little less because it's been opened. I apologize to everyone for thinking you could make you're own decisions about fair market value, supply and demand, and whatever else someone should have learned you by now.

Again, truly sorry. I won't wait till the next hurricane to sell this truck load of generators.

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If any mod could lock this up I'd appreciate it.

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Sorry man, I wasn't try to shame you or make you feel bad. I was just voicing my opinion as a point of discussion. I think you have every right to make your money back if you can.

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What a shame. This isn’t where I intended for the thread to go when I asked a question. I was looking for a confirmation that the OP wasn’t marking up the price well beyond what he paid for it. And it seems clear enough he isn’t.

The rest of the discussion re: what’s “fair” or “reasonable” is irrelevant, IMO.

No one’s required to purchase a single-board computer to meet some basic human need. The price is what it is until supply is less scarce.

No one’s responsible for checking whether they’re getting a good deal before paying except the buyer.

My apologies to @user359 for inadvertently starting the derailment of this thread.

If someone offers something for sale, and you think the price is unreasonable then don’t buy it or send a private message asking for clarification. Starting a discussion of what you think something is worth is bad form IMO.