Ramp Rate Support

I am looking for a dimmer recommendation specifically for devices that support an adjustable ramp rate. I know of many that claim support and many that document support on a data sheet. But not all of them expose it over ZWave/ZigBee/WiFi.

Anyone in the community have a favorite dimmer that has wide support of the most desired features including ramp rate? I'm in a ZWave home now, but given Hubitat, I can add/migrate to just about whatever other system/network needed. So suggest away!


Insteon have full support in hardware, but you need to be able to stomach running an Node.js service on a RPi because Insteon is not officially supported on Hubitat. If you can get behind that, the community driver for it runs fantastic (I'm half Insteon) and the hardware is very good quality. No such thing as Z-Wave repair, Zigbee dropout, none of that.

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@SmartHomePrimer — I'm intrigued!

Easy peasy. I already have a Pi running the amazing HousePanel by @kewashi as my dashboard. So the RPi piece is covered. Either I would use this one and add whatever I have to or I will set up another. There's some support for LIFX by way of an RPi and some Python and I still want to add some DMX support in the future. I may want to setup a "lighting RPi" at this time anyway.

Please share some links with me so I can research this? Given the use of the correct drivers/app, is the integration within Hubitat to the level of the other lighting devices supported in the system? What Insteon devices are supported? I would hope for something like the Lutron integration. That seems to be robust and complete with good maintenance/support.

I very much would welcome this of course…



Basic info about their wall switches.

Here’s the post regarding the HE driver for the Insteon Express Server

Here’s what’s supported by the express server. Inputs we have not figured out for HE yet, but it’s more a matter of time and need, than lacking capacity.

I’m running the standalone Express Server. It’s been very stable as standalone vs integrated into Homebridge. I still run Homebridge on the same computer, but I’ve found that running separate instances works very well.

I have a bunch of Leviton Z-Wave plus ones (both 600W and 1000W) and work really well. If you have 3-way setups I really like that they have a special remote that looks and works the same and fully syncs with the main dimmer (both status and level) but you need to upgrade the firmware to the latest for this to work well. My OCD triggers with UI inconsistencies... Also nice that you can differentiate physical vs digital status changes, even from remotes...

Also, they have ramp settings that can be configured using Z-Wave parameters, they call them "Fade Off Time" and "Fade On Time", you can set it to 0 for instantaneous or 1-127 in seconds.

The Inovelli Wall dimmers respond to transition duration, at least going on. I'v not looked into going off.

All zigbee dimmer/bulbs support ramp rate, its part of the spec.
For Z-wave the device needs to support switch multilevel v2 if I recall, however even the Z-Wave+ dimmers are all over the map in this regard.

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