Raise Volume on Music Player

I am setting up a Rule to turn the volume of my sonos speakers up when I ask Alexa to "Turn up the Music" and also one to turn down the music. So I noticed that RM has a Action to Set Mode, Control Music Player, Send HTTP request. When I select to Control Music Player and then select Raise Volume, it doesn't allow me to set by how much? So my question is how much does it raise the volume? And the same question for lowering the volume?

It raises or lowers it by 5.

@bravenel would it be possible to change this, or have a "raise volume by _" option? With my Sonos setup 5 is sometimes a bit much, and would prefer 3.

Thanks for the consideration.

This is handled by the driver, not by RM. Will look into the driver when time allows.

You could manage volume yourself with a variable and setting the volume to a specific value (from the variable, so you could raise/lower).

You can set the level two ways. Probably at least one more in addition to these

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I am looking to "change" the volume not really "set it". I have a Lutron RA2 Hybrid Keypad with the dimmer up and down arrows at the bottom. I use one keypad solely as a scene controller with no load. The bottom button Plays/Pauses Sonos. The up and down arrows just below it are programmed to "raise/lower" the volume. When pressed I want the volume to go up/down by 3 not 5. Not sure if the above will do that.

I read @bravenel solution about 100x, and I sure it works, but I am slow and have no clue what it means. lol If I read it enough someday I'll get it. :face_with_monocle: