Raise Light Level Temporarily Based on Motion


Here's another tough one - well for me anyway.

I want to do the following:

At Sunset(-20) turn on light1 and light2 and set to 25%
turn off at Sunrise

If motion1 is active while light1 or light2 are on
set level light1 and light2 to 100%
after 10 minutes set level to 25%

Easy enough to make one rule to turn on/off and set level.
Easy to create motion rule while lights are on to raise to 100%
But how do you end the motion period by setting level back to 25%???


Have the false for the Motion even turn the lights back to 25% instead of turning them off. And whatever rule you have turning them on at sunset and off at sunrise should also set the PB to false at Sunrise and True at sunset for whatever rules are raising and lowering the lights during motion events. So, if you wanted to do it simply:

Condition: Motion Active
If True set dimmers to 100%
If False set dimmers to 25% with a 10 minute delay with a cancel on truth change.


Just have to say, @Ryan780 you are a freakin' genius. I forgot all about the cancel on truth change in a similar rule I wrote and I have been banging my head on it for at least 2 days now. LOL


I know the feeling, trust me. :slight_smile: Glad I'm not the only one.


@Ryan780 so it should look like this:?

Used the TOD restriction vs AND in the condition - should work, right?