Rainmachine integration?

I've searched and can't find an answer, but has anyone been able to get RainMachine integration working? It mostly works on smartThings and was hopeful someone ported the code over.


I had a RainMachine at my last house and loved it. I have not heard of anyone getting one linked in Hubitat. Earlier this week I purchased a new Gen 3 Rachio because the integration is already there and officially supported by hubitat. I have not received it yet since the gen 3's are just starting to ship. Rain machine works with IFTTT, so I bet it would work with Hubitat through IFTTT. Wouldn't be local, but at least it would work until local integration gets worked out.

Second Rain Machine integration. Local control is why I bought it.


I use Rain Machine, too.

Never thought about integrating it with HE, though, as I really don't have any automations I would use in HE for my sprinklers.

You have a point. Every now and then, especially during the summer in Arizona, I'll tell Alexa to water the garden or lawn. But it really is hands off otherwise. Can't think of any automatons that would be legit. Maybe someone who has the Rachio integration can shed some light.

Rainmachine has a both a REST API and Homekit integration.

One could likely integrate it into HE one or both of those ways if they wanted to put some work into it.

Or someone could back port the Home Assistant integration to HE.

Not sure you'd want to call it 'legit' but:
I have a 1/4-turn valve that I want to turn on just before a Rainmachine program starts.
I had to do it the 'hard' way.

That qualifies as legit. The issue wouldn't be turning it on, as that is a set schedule, but instead turning it off as the timer will adjust based on watering need. So it may run 50% of the scheduled time or 125%. Is it a master valve for the solenoids?

I use a completely different product called EtherRain.. it is similar to Rachio, etc and I only jump in here because I did create a driver for my EtherRain but have STILL not found a use for it in almost a year of having the driver. Yes, it's cool to surprise a guest with the sprinklers coming on via Alexa, but for any practical use... nothing.

EtherRain is local execution but uses the cloud to calculate the watering length. I setup maximum watering times for each zone and then detail a percentage for each month. It monitors weather and adjusts for rain and "over temp." Each day the device fetches a tiny string of numbers, 8 of them, one for each zone telling it how long to run. If the cloud is down, it just repeats "yesterday's" program. EtherRain has a local version of the Cloud code I could deploy on an always on computer, but I still haven't run into a need for that either.

I keep lurking on these "sprinkler" threads hoping for a reason to integrate it into HE... I have a solution, (for EtherRain) looking for a problem. :slight_smile:

sometimes, the programs get skipped completely; and so, I need both On and Off.

yes, I connected a relay to Zone1/Master. The relay contacts send their state to the controller. And the controller controls the 1/4-turn valve.

BTW, this all is to compensate for my laziness and lack of desire to constantly fix sprinkler valves' leaks.

@mag Not wanting to dig up your yard really is no different than not wanting to get off the couch to turn off the lights or get out of bed to adjust the thermostat.

Okay, finally found a legit reason for RainMachine integration. I want to utilize a hand held remote to operate various zones. Been over 115 for the last week and a quick press for some extra water on the garden seems useful about now.

Isn't that meant to be a built-in feature of RainMachine? That it detects hot days and compensates with extra water?

Or do you need to be looking at it to make sure there's nobody going to get wet?

Or the opposite of that. An elaborate squirt gun to chase away the squirrels/children/in-laws/etc.

Love it! LOL!

And yes, it does adjust the amount of water based on the weather and does so very well! I've had mine for two years and it's been great!

One use, for me anyway, it would be nice to pause watering the back yard when I want to let the dog out. Or pause the front when I open the garage door to keep feet from getting wet when getting into the car.

Wish I knew something about programming, I see they have API info here: Controlling RainMachine through REST API – RainMachine

Hi mag
On Rainmachine you have the option of controlling a valve. I use a Hunter valve controlled directly from Rainmachine (i.e. 24V). It opens in the same time when any of the zones is starting. Or you can program it to start a few seconds earlier.

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I am working on the Rain machine integration with Hubitat. Hope to have something ready for a few testers in another week or two. I agree that the Rain machine algorithms take care of most things but I wanted a way for anyone at the house to turn off the system in the event it comes on at an inconvenient time.


Excellent! I have a Rain Machine and would be happy to test for you if you need the help.

My rates are reasonable, and I promise to keep the two-martini lunches to a minimum. :wink:

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Would be very happy to help work out any kinks.

I agree that the algorithms for watering are good. But when it is 118 like the other day, I feel better watering a little extra.

@brad2 let me know if you want anything from the RGBgenie website and I'll send it to you for your efforts.

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I guess I must have mentioned it in a different thread, but that's pretty much my use case, too. To pause and/or alert when I have a certain door open and a certain subset of sprinklers are running.

I was trying to make that dash through the sprinklers last night, actually, and thinking that in an ideal world they would pause as soon as I opened the door. But that's going to end up like a dishwasher, where you have to open it slowly so you don't get splashed by the non-immediate response.

@brad2 count me in for as well! be more than happy to help test.