Rain fall

I've had a quick look at open weather but it doesn't appear to provide rainfall for the past 24h, mainly current conditions that don't include rain fall.

Other than get a rain fall meter that integrates into hubitat are there any methods to acquire rainfall history online with hubitat?

History: I have used an esp8266 that I grabbed this info (rainfall for the past 24h off memory) from weather underground in the past, and hoping to do this using hubitat. I also built a rain gauge for the esp8266 that measured rainfall but it was more head ache than use..

I'm automating some plant watering fyi. I'm not using my esp8266 that used to initially measure soil moisture which wasn't reliable, then moved to measuring the rain fall with the esp8266, then I moved to amount of rain the day before (forecast/http get) to assess whether to water or not. I used to also check the Max temperature for the day to see if I water in the morning or afternoon or both. Used to also add up the rainfall and watering time for the week so I was only watering so much...

While it worked, it was probably too complex and now ready to simplify things. I have a solenoid that gets activated by a tasmota power plug I have to turn the watering on. I'd be happy to just choose to water or not based on either the previous rainfall or I guess check the current days forecast and don't water if it has "rain" in it worst case (how I have it now).

Any suggestions? I don't want to over complicate it like I had the esp8266 version that I have retired as I pulled it apart and can't be bothered putting it back together... Or I could buy a commercial product I guess but that's not my preference really.

You could use a moisture sensor to measure the moisture level in the ground. See this post on the ST community with pictures and a link to the sensor you can connect to your ESP. This person is using one of @iharyadi environmental sensors.

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I previously had an esp with moisture probe (both resistive at first, then moved to capacitive) but found they both had problems. Problems with the accuracy changing as it relied on the coupling to the soil not just moisture. So I steered away from that and used http get for the areas rainfall... But maybe I go back to an esp but it was what I thought I was moving away from.

Edit: Hmm I have two of @iharyadi temp/humidity/lum boards so I'll look into those and the external sensor.. Time for some reading

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Might want to check out this project:

I don't have experience with them but a few are using the moisture sensors and seem pretty happy with them.


Thanks. Looks interesting.