Rain Bird Sprinkler

Has any one created a driver for the rain bird wifi module - https://wifi.rainbird.com/. I saw there is one project on Github for ioBroker so in theory it is possible.

I just had a Hunter system installed yesterday and had the very same thoughts...

Me too!

I realize this isn't all that helpful but I just had a rainbird sprinkler system installed, except I told the installer I wanted to use another controller.. I saw Costco had a Rachio 3 12 zone (I only needed 6 though) on sale for 179... I bought that and they hooked it up just as easy as their own rainbird ones they usually use. It works great with Hubitat as well.. might want to look into swapping out controllers as it's fairly easy.

thanks for sharing. I'm half way through writing a driver. In case others might find it useful I might as well finish it off and share it. It was much trickier figuring out the encryption and comms than I thought so its been slow going but the hard part is done now.