RadioRA 2 Designer software without training

If anyone is thinking about RadioRa 2 and would like to play with the software before spending the time/money on training, Lutron just made this very easy to do. It look like you can do just about everything but program the system without the Essentials training now.

Below is taken from an email I received and wanted to share. Please excuse any bad c/p issues.

Why is Lutron making this change?

The Designer Software is meant to help aspiring installers experience RadioRA 2 prior to getting their Level 1 Essentials training qualifications

Designers, specifiers, and other members of the trade can get a new RadioRA 2 project started before handing it off to the installer

Now part of the same tool, the Designer software will remain in sync with the latest devices and features in the Setup software
|What are some key software features?

• Users logging in with a basic myLutron account can access the design and programming options of the tool

• Add rooms and devices to create a full Bill of Materials

• Create programming and even custom engraving for keypads

RadioRA2 Design Software
• Only trained installers will still have access to completely activate and set up the system

Note: Qualified installers who have already completed training can still log in with your myLutron account for full access to activate and transfer the system (just like you do today).

LED and incandescent dimmers are now separate device types.

• LED/CFL dimmer and incandescent/halogen dimmer are now separate device types when adding a new Maestro dimmer.

• This change now allows the minimum and maximum load ratings to match the capabilities of the various Maestro dimmers.

How do I get the new software?

  1. Visit myLutron
  2. Once you log in to your myLutron profile:

• Find the Technical Information tile

• Select “Design Software”

• Download “RadioRA 2 12.8”|