Radio Thermostat WIFI driver not installing

I was hoping to use my new C8 to control my multiple Radio Thermostat WIFI devices using the code by cometfish ([Radio Thermostat Wifi CT50](Radio Thermostat Wifi CT50,

I go to 'Drivers code' on the dashboard then click 'New Driver'. I then click 'Import' and use the link to radio_thermostat.groovy. That yields an error: Cannot get property 'parent' on null object. I've also tried pasting in the code from radio_thermostat.groovy then clicking Save but nothing happens. There's nothing listed under 'Drivers code'.

Am I missing some step? Should this code still work? Thank you.

the correct Import URL is:

If you follow your link, you get to a "formatted page" that doesn't import. If, on that page, you click the RAW button, then use that URL for importing, it works. :smiley:

It's difficult because you're just expected to know that RAW is the secret. Hubitat Package Manager (HPM) was created for just that reason as far as I know. But not everyone puts their packages into HPM. HPM is powerful because the JSON files that describe/define the Package are powerful, but a bit of an initial hurdle. A programmer's first Package means creating 2-3 JSON files and getting it merged into HPM. The second Package is pretty easy.


Thanks very much for the excellent instructions csteele. One of the reasons I wasn't seeing it listed in 'Drivers code' afterwards was that I had left something in the Search field which stayed there every time I came back to the page and filtered out the result. I appreciate your help.

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