Radiant in-floor heating

Hi Everyone,

Couldn't find a similar topic, so here we go.

My house has only radiant in-floor heating.
Each room has his own circuit with an electric valve. (open/close via 230v/off)
One natural gas boiler with water pumps.

What devices I have:
Zigbee Temp Sensor in each room + Zigbee Relay for each electric valve
One fibaro smart implant for open/close contact to turn on/off the gas boiler with the pumps.

Now what I want to achieve:
On the Dashboard to see each room with the current set temperature + buttons to decrease/increase.

So if I set a room to 21 celsius:
above the valve should close, and boiler should stop heating
below the valve should open and the boiler should start heating

Hope I could explain it well.

I will be grateful for your help

Give this apps/drive a go.

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Side note. I'm finishing my addition and heavily considering radiant floor heating. How do you like it? My consideration is not hydronic but electric. I'm looking at Warmfloor by Step. It's a low voltage electronic heating mat(not heating wires) and the entire mat heats up and varies it's conductance according to temperature, and regulates its temp and power consumption.

That sounds interesting!

We added electric in floor heating in both of our bathrooms when we re-did them and though we rarely use it (as it is more costly than heating with our mini-split), it is nice to have on those cold winter days!