Radiant barriers

I have my hubs and router behind a wall in an attic space. I've just finished putting up insulation batting and thinking about covering it with something like Reflectix as a radiant barrier. Anyone know if this would cause interference with the various signals? Or nothing to worry about?

Metal is metal, no matter how small (thin).

You haven't said if you're putting it against the roof or against the floor of the attic... If the metal is between the Hub and the Devices, it will interfere. More so to Zigbee / WiFi than Zwave / Lutron.

Yes, I'm still doing some research and discovering radiant barriers are more suited for against the roof, rather than against walls, so no worries there. Still searching for what to cover the wall insulation with, but that's probably a question for a different forum.

If the batting doesn't have any paper on it, then you might take some very thin clear plastic and run it over. Other than that, drywall?

Reflective Foil will attenuate all radio signals by some amount. Especially if it’s in contact with grounded pipes and conduit.
Specifics of what frequencies and how much attenuation would require you to contact the Foil manufacturer.