Rachio stopped polling after 8/19?

I got a notification this morning that my rachio flow meter was reporting low flow rate... This indicates that my z-wave valve controlled by hubitat did not open. I have a RM that opens that valve when Rachio starts watering, and it definitely didn't see Rachio start watering this morning.

I looked at the Rachio device in Hubitat, and the last successful poll was on 8/19, and hasn't responded since then. What should I check on to restore functionality?

Does your Rachio app show the error "No Devices Found"? This is what I'm seeing.

I also noticed there doesn't seem to be a way to update my username/password.

yeah, that's what I'm seeing... I just ended up removing the rachio app altogether, re-installing it, and reworking my RM rules... Kind of annoying as there were some IF / ELSE statements that I had to recreate, but hopefully it'll work tomorrow morning now!

I was hoping to avoid that process but looks like my next plan of attack. How did it work out for you?

It does seem to be reporting updates / status now, after completely removing and re-adding the app and devices. My next watering isn't scheduled until ~Thursday or so, so I can't say 100% that it's working correctly yet, but hopefully nothing goes wrong :slight_smile:

I bit the bullet and removed and readded app today. Seems everything hooked up correctly so hoping mine is resolved as well. Had to rebuild rules and change out dashboard icons :frowning:

Man, I had another issue this morning, but it was unrelated to Rachio... My valve controller wasn't responding to the open/close commands and I had to power cycle it before hubitat could control it again.

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