Rachio Rain Skip Attribute

I just connected my Rachio to my Hub last night - I had never really seen the purpose since the Rachio app works well. However, I have a couple of Tuya valves for some things that the irrigation system doesn't cover (potted outdoor plants).

I'd love to be able to pull the attribute of whether a Rachio rain skip is active to use in my Rules for the Tuya valves, but I can't seem to find that attribute. Anyone try something along these lines before?

These are the only things I see:

You'd think that the Rain Delay status would be the one, but my Rachio system is currently on a rain skip and it's showing as "No Rain Delay".


Trying this out, using Rachio Community (it's raining outside)

Thanks, let me know if it works - I'll try it out too. I had tried using the "nextEventWeatherIntelligence" attribute with contains 'skipping,' but that didn't work because it seems like that attribute is sticky for some reason (still says that even when it's running).

I think using nextEventType contains SKIP should work. But I will look into if there’s a cleaner way to have that info reflected in the controller device (I manage the Rachio Community integration). And set the weather intelligence attribute to some other value so it isn’t sticky.

FYI the rain delay part refers to the manual rain delay that a user can trigger in the app. Guess a prefix of “manual” would have been good there…

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Is something like this possible on the 'Hose Timer' as well?

@Bullfrog What exactly do you mean by rain delay is "active"? Let's say there's a new attribute called "skipActive" that is either true or false. When exactly should the skipActive attribute be set to true?
(A) as soon as rachio decides to skip the next scheduled run. So in this case, before the time at which the next scheduled run is to occur, the skipActive attribute is set to true, to indicate that the next scheduled run WILL BE skipped when the time comes.

(B) during the time that the next scheduled run would have run, if the next scheduled run is skipped for any reason, skipActive is set to true. In this case, skipActive is not set to true until the time that the next scheduled run would have run if it were not skipped.

Same question for you @zagman76 as it relates to hose timers.

What I mean is: I do not see a rainDelay attribute in my hose-timer devices at all.

The currentAction attribute will have the value of "Manual Skip" if the user has manually skipped the run, or the value of "Rain Skip" if Rachio has skipped the run due to rain.

Will the Rachio hose-timer auto-skip if I'm using Hubitat to set the schedule? I was hoping rainDelay would be an attribute of the hose-timer itself, so that I can use a conditional like: IF rainDelay=FALSE, then run [DEVICE] for xyz seconds

OP's screen-shot on the thread shows two 'Current States' attributes (rainDelay and rainDelayStr) that I don't see on my hose-timers.

You might need to explain exactly what you mean. But I think what you are wanting is to use Rachio's weather inteliigence without Rachio scheduling? If that's the case, then, no, you can't do that. The hose timer will report a rain skip on a per program basis. So if you don't set up any programs through Rachio, then Rachio won't report a rain skip (since there's no program to skip).

Ahh... I understand now. I wanted to move away from the Rachio scheduling, since their 'watering intervals' did not have an "even day / odd day" option (like how my previous system from B-Hyve/Orbit did). I was able to get the even/odd day variable in Hubitat, but also wanted to take advantage of the Rachio 'skip due to weather' feature.

Yes, it does (unless the hose scheduling is different - I don't have any of those).

The hose-timer does not have an even/odd day schedule interval. It only has by 'day-of-the-week', or 'every day, every other day, every 3rd day, 4th day, 5th day, ... '

@Bullfrog not sure if you saw this question for you

In my mind it was more the former, but I suppose that I don't know the exact sequence of events of when the Rachio system actually makes the go/no-go decision - I know that I have received a notification from the app the day before in some cases and in others it seems like more of a "gametime decision" (and in yet other cases, I've seen it tell me it was going to skip, the predicted rain even not materialize, and it decide to run even though it told me it wouldn't).

My thought would be that if the system doesn't think that it needs to water the grass next time, then I probably don't need to water the potted plants either.

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