RACHIO Integration Broke

Happens periodically need to relogin

I thought that might be what I need to do, but I cannot find a place to login from Hubitat. Do you know where/how I would do that? This is all I see on the app page:

As a follow-up. I tried looking at the Rachio Integration app documentation on "Hubitat Documentation" site, and the link goes to "page not found".

It's a built in app and still listed there. Did you remove the driver or device somehow?

What do you see if you click the gear icon next to the app?

Only thing odd on mine is the broken image on the devices box.

FYI, there's also an expanded Rachio community app.

Clicking the gear does give me what seems to be a correct status report.

Yeah, basically mine says there are no devices found. Which is odd because my device still shows the controller device and all of the zone device. But all of them show something like "device is offline":

I am thinking of just scrapping this and either starting over, or just not use this integration at all. I think I just added this when I first got my hub a little over a year ago, because, well, you should connect the new fun toy to everything. But I really have struggled find any good use for it in any automations. The Rachio runs on its own so well with a great weather connected algorithm. And the native app gives me all the notifications I might need.

I may check out the community page and see what others are doing. Thanks!

Mine is mostly setup for ES and HE app alerts incase I don't check the Rachio app.

Mine is really only used when i turn oin or blow out the zones.

Did you ever get this resolved? Mine started this today which resulted in my getting sprinklers running for a couple of hours.

No, there is no change. It is still clogging up my logs and I haven't figure out a way to re-login, or reinitiate the app, short of killing it all and starting over.
Hoping maybe someone from @support_team might have some ideas?

The cloud API uses different cloud end point than their own website and native app. Looks like they may have had a cloud outage, as it appears to be working now.

I went from the built in App to the Community App and it worked fine yesterday, but it's back to giving me errors. It's almost like it's logging us out, but there's no way to log back in.

There must be something wrong with your location. There are no outages reported by Rachio, nor can I replicate the problem with my controller (using built-in integration):

Make sure that both Rachio and Hubitat are connected to the cloud. This is a cloud integration that requires active cloud connection on both sides.

I think I found it, and it's my error. I had to setup a refresh rule for Rachio Integrated app, but the Community had polling built in. So I exceeded the polling for the day.


So how do I reinitiate comms and/or login from this state?


Is there a way to disable the the built in polling or change the intervals? My Rachio isn't "pushing" updates when the valves are triggered. The only way Hubitat knows a valves has been activated is if a manual refresh is done.

I had a rule created that refreshed Rachio every minute (kept within the API threshold). But since I updated the Rachio integration, with the built in polling, I hit the max threshold. The gap, which I believe is 15 min, is to big and I miss some waterings.

Quick background on how the system is setup and why this is important: My Rachio is hardwired to 3 zones. Then I have 3 zones in a remote location, and 2 other zones in another remote location, which are connected to ZOOZ Zen16 respectively, which are tied into Hubitat. When the Rachio reports to Hubitat that a valve is open, Hubitat will trigger the appropriate remote valve. So when Hubitat "misses" the valve activation, those zones don't get watered. I hope that makes sense.

@support_team Any answer on how to reinitiate this?