Rachio Control Questions

I'm again trying to integrate my Rachio system with the Maker API through my Hubitat. I first worked on this over a year ago but had to put the project on hold. I have some of the same questions I tried to find answers to when I first tried this.

I have easily added my Rachio controller and zones to my Hubitat. I have the controller and all the zones as devices in the Hubitat web interface device list. I could start playing around with this to figure it out but with temperatures over 90, and no end in site, I’m concerned that I might inadvertently mess up my current schedule/watering. So, I’m hoping that someone who has Rachio-Hubitat integration working can answer just a few questions to keep me from ending up with a brown lawn full of dead grass.

  1. On the Rachio controller device page and there is the ability to set a rain delay. It just asks you to enter a number for the rain delay without any information on the scale. Is the number you enter the number of seconds of delay, minutes, hours, or something else?

  2. Similar on the controller device page there is an entry for setZoneWaterTime. What is the scale of the number that is entered? You can also enter setZoneWaterTinme on a Rachio Zone device page and I’m assuming the scale is the same.

  3. Finally, if you enter a value for setZoneWaterTime on the Rachio Controller device page, how do you select which zone this will affect?

I'm just curious. Why would I use the Hubitat integration for my Rachio? The Rachio app on my phone works very well.

I agree @Pantheon, the Rachio app is really good. But, there are things you can only do through integration. The best example I can give you is the integration of hyper local weather for rain skips. I have a weather station that doesn't integrate with the Rachio. I also live in an area where it can rain on one side of the street but not the other. So I can use the exact amount of rain fall from a storm to calculate how long I want to initiate a rain skip for in my watering schedule through integration.



Something like this... :slight_smile:

That is epic

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