Rachio 3 Dashboard - No info, just on/off

I have my Rachio 3 controller installed and have 7 zones. I loaded the Rachio integration app. I am seeing that there is a lot of information in the devices pages for the controller and zones. All I can seem to do in Dashboard is load a switch with on/off.

Am I missing something? I want Dashboard to provide status and information not perform on/off functions. I tried multiple device types, none seem to provide any info. How do I do this?


For the Rachio controller you can view any of the states displayed on the device page. You would need to select the controller as the device and select attribute for the template. This should give you a list of all the states available. If you need more than one on a single tile you would need a 3rd party app like @Cobra's Super Tile.

[Updated] Super Tile (No more teasing! - Well maybe a little!)

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