RA2 Select or Smart Bridge Pro

Yup. Including the ability to choose the radio frequency used. RA2 Select doesn’t support that, while the main repeater does.

This is important if later on there is a need to have two ClearConnect networks running with the intention of avoiding radio contention issues with Pico remotes and hardwired Caséta/Maestro switches (borrowing an idea described a while back by @mike.maxwell).

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Thanks guys. Yeah, I had intended to go all RA2, but after a test have found that my old Insteon dimmers work really well with the dimmable LED ceiling lights that I put into my home for sale. I've fallen for my Insteon dimmers again! $60 CAD for quality dimmers that have programmable ramp rates and dim level memory.

So I'm downgrading what I wanted from Lutron. Pico HE integration will be a must-have in my new home, Caséta dimmers are a no go for me, and RA2 Maestro are a bonus if I can use them, but not a necessity. I only have one Caséta fan controller, so no love lost there. I'll resell that if needed or just toss it in a drawer.


why is that?

Cannot set the ON level. Always turns on full brightness when you press ON. Insteon can and as you know RA2 can.

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That would be nice, I agree!

I got around this by using the ELV dimmers (which include favorite setting), then setting the favorite level to the minimum level. Then set up a level by mode rule, or auto dimmer (in our public repo now), then instruct users to turn on via favorite button...


You will pay $120+ for a single RA2 dimmer.

I have few Insteon installations left. I am switching them over to Caseta if the customers want. Hubitat does not work well with Insteon.

In Canada, I buy all my Lutron stuff from Montreal Lighting:

Might want to check out Toronto Lighting as well:

Wondering what this is, and means.

Thanks. I am aware of that fact.

I respectfully disagree. I have been using this integration for many years. It works very well.


its a software application that's not included in our hub distribution but is available to add manually if desired.
It's located in out public gethub repo along with other example code.

I have to give that a try. I am assuming this works with the Insteon Hub or it its the ISY (which is what I tend to use)?

Correct. And AFAIK, a specific subset of model numbers.

Make sure that you buy a new one or if it is used confirm that the HomeKit integration has been deleted on their side. You many never be able get HomeKit working if it is not. Factory reset does not affect this.

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Thanks. I found the right seller on Amazon.com to ship me a new SmartBridge Pro. No good enough deals on the RA2 Select Main Repeater right now.

The Insteon integration is for the hub. You will need an RPi or spare computer to run the node.js apps that control and listen to the Insteon hub. I run mine on an old Mac laptop. It is the most stable of all my Smart Home devices.

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Something to keep in mind. I am trying to switch over my customers to Caseta and most agree. I have Insteon installations as old as 2008 (with a dual band upgrade along the way). I used the ISY with the exception of one home, which uses the hub.

It is a challenge to deal with 75 limit :slight_smile:

Override is double tap of the on or off button


Setting the high and low trim (which caseta can do) isn’t quite the same as the configurable on settings that RadioRA 2 can support.


Agreed. I am actually tempted to redo my townhouse as RA2. But I'm not sure I'll stay there that much longer .....

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